Back Gains!

1) Strict Back/Front Press

7-5-5 Strict Back Press
5-5-3 Strict Press
*Focus on form for the back presses, then use the same weight or heavier on your strict presses. Snatch grip width for the back presses or closer if your mobility allows for it.
2) For Time (20 Min)
4 Rounds
75 Double-Unders or 150 Single Skips
25 T2B or V-sits
10 Hi/Hang Power Snatches (135/95)
*Focus on keeping your technique during the hi/hang power snatches. Choose a weight where you can complete 3-5 reps at a time. Aim to complete the Double-Unders & T2B in 3:00 min leaving 2:00 min for your snatches.
3) AP:
800 ft Run x 4 , Rest 1:1
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