Weighted Pull Ups Today

Can you guess the CFer?

Min 1: 5 Deadlifts (min 1 sec pause at bottom)
Min 2-4: 10 Weighted Strict Pull-ups (w/med ball)
Min 3-5: 100 Double Unders (as quickly as possible)
Guidelines: Stop at the bottom of the dead lift and reset (Avoid touch and go reps). Choose a weight where you can maintain good form and increase in weight every round if you’re maintaining good form. Increase in weight from last week if mechanics are sound.  Pull Ups should not be UB…  Use a weight/progression that you can do 1-2 reps at a time.

Accumulate 60 – 90 sec HS Hold (Wall Climb, Heels on Wall, or Free Standing)

NOTE: Here’s a spreadsheet from Amber for anyone attending the BB Club… 
CrossFit Waterloo Barbell Program – Amber

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