Summer of 2017 Programming Notes

CFW Community,

Below you will find the programming notes for the daily workouts that we have already started last week. We will be giving all of you an idea of what specific skills we will be working on in the next few months. We want all of you to understand the purpose of the day’s programming to help you mentally prepare yourself before you even get to our gym. We also hope it will help you set your goals for the current skill/strength cycle to kick off the year.

For example:  If we’re working on pull ups on Wednesdays and you still cannot do one, it would be a great goal to come to this day consistently  (no matter what that days excuse may be… and believe me we have heard them all).  Once you commit to this process, you will be ready to focus all of your energy on the pull ups that day.  By doing that, you will build on your personal progression from the previous week (maybe reduce the band thickness you are scaling with, or even better move to a higher bar on your jumping pull ups) and eventually be able to do an unassisted Pull Up!


Programming Structure:

Monday Squat Day

Never skip leg day. If you want to build strength, lose fat, and generally win at life don’t miss out on Mondays squats. We will cycle through Back Squats and Box Squats to build strength and power in the next couple months of the programming.

As for the WOD, if you haven’t noticed dumbbells and kettlebells have been consistently appearing in Mondays workouts. We will continue this theme for Mondays going forth to really focus on building stability and coordination. Dumbbell thrusters are significantly different than traditional barbell thrusters due to the weight distribution, coordination, positioning. Similar to unilateral training, isolating each arm with weight can help you build stronger stabilizer muscles and in the long run help supplement areas such as gymnastics and weightlifting.

AP: Mobility/Drills/Stretching


Tuesday Press

Tuesdays we will be focusing on strict presses and back presses. Back presses or Snatch grip presses will be mainly used to fire and build all those forgotten back muscles. It’s important to focus on technique during the back presses in order to properly activate the proper muscle groups.

Tuesday WODs, are designed to unleash that competitive drive! Even if you’re not competitive, these workouts will be fun and challenging leaving the floors of CFW covered in sweat angels!

AP: More Cardio – Running/Rowing/AB or even just all of them

Barbell Club at 6:45 PM


Wednesday Strength WOD

Deadlifts! For the next couple of months, the goal will be to build proper mechanics and as well strength in the deadlift. Deadlifts are just as important as squats as they build and strengthen your posterior chain in a different dynamic. Basically if you do deadlifts you’ll become an animal!

Aside from the deadlifts, pulling and pushing will be another area of focus. For example, strict pull-ups and or ring dips to help build upper body strength. It’s highly recommended for all members who are still working on pull-ups or are looking to improve their upper body strength to attend Wednesday classes.

Cardio?! Can’t forget about the “fun” part! Alongside the deadlifts and the pull/push combo, movements such as burpees, skipping, rowing will appear as well (AB *hint*hint). Overall, strength building will be the main focus for Wednesdays programming going forth.


AP: Gymnastics such as handstand holds/walking. In the later weeks a new skill will be presented but the theme of gymnastics will remain the same.



Double the WOD, double the fun!  Great day to build your cardio, core, and have a good sweat along the way!  These WODs will be designed for fun and variety through many movements.


Barbell Club at 6:45 PM


Friday Power Cleans/Snatches

Fridays structure will incorporate an olympic lift as a strength/skill and end off with a 12-15 minute metcon. The olympic lifts we will be focusing on for the next couple of months will be power cleans and power snatches. Power cleans will be the main focus for the next couple of weeks before transitioning into power snatches. Technique is #1, so use these days to your advantage to learn and perfect your oly lifts. Also, who doesn’t love picking up heavy things and putting them down.

AP: More accessory – This includes GHDs, Reverse Hypers and a lot of core work!


Saturday Drill Sergeant Nik / Comp Class with Coach Yash

On a Saturday with Drill Sergeant Nik, you can expect to sweat.  Expect the unexpected. Who knows what Nik will have in store, but be ready to do reps.. lots of them!  It’s a great combination of hard work and fun that will surely help you go into the weekend and enjoy that cheat meal you earned!

Competitors Class with Coach Yash (10:45 AM): The atmosphere in this class is one of its best features and this class is a very easy way to find motivation! During this class expect to see both olympic lifts and a workout or two in a 90 minute time frame. This class is perfect for taking your training to the next level by surrounding yourself with competitors of various skill levels. With that said, being a “competitive exerciser” requires experience . Make classes a priority! Learn the basics first and master them through classes, and then use the competitor’s class to help fine tune your lifts and skills. If you’re unsure if the competitors class is right for you or if you have any questions talk to Coach Yash ( or any of our coaches.

*Keep a look out for another blog on more details about the competitor’s class, and extra programming.


Sunday Funday

Sunday partner workouts are a great way to wrap up your training for the week. The workouts are fun and are always tied in with a twist to constantly keep you sweating! Start your Sunday morning off right with a workout to keep you active and energized throughout the rest of day.    


Barbell Club at 9:30 AM

Overall Notes: Remember our program is designed to be random to keep your body guessing. Just because it is random, doesn’t mean we can’t routinely plan some aspects to specifically improve on certain skills with a structured process. If your schedule isn’t very consistent and you come to different day’s every week, that is totally fine and you will still get the same results as always have with our program. Either way, you should all TRACK RESULTS, WORKOUTS, and YOUR NUMBERS in a journal if you want to maximize the time you spend at the gym.

Coach Yash

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