Class Sizes, Scheduling, and More CFW News

Hello Fellow CrossFitters,

We are at the start of the fourth week of our merger and things are moving along great!  With all of the excitement surrounding the merger from the renovations, to the regionals athlete announcements, and meeting all kinds of new and like minded CrossFitters it’s hard to believe that it has only been 3 weeks!

We have already ironed out many logistical items that needed to be sorted out with the move and we are working diligently on ironing out some more.  Here are 3 main items on the agenda that we have moved up to top priority:

  • Large Class Sizes: Although we absolutely love the energy that comes with having a full room of our members crushing a workout… in June, we will be adding classes to our schedule during the busy times to accommodate our growth. Our goal for June is to have no more than 21 people per class.  The way we will make this happen is by determining in May what our average class sizes are and then adding classes at or around these busy times.  This is also going to benefit all of you because there will be more class times opened up for your convenience.  For example, the 4:30pm class has been one of our biggest hitters in the last two weeks and if it continues we may open up a 4:45pm or 5pm class to give you guys more options.  We have built our reputation on quality and service over the past several years and this will forever remain our #1 priority.  Keep in mind that this is only based on 3 weeks of data (still new here) and we will make the necessary adjustments as we always have in the past to make things the best they can be for our community.
  • May Schedule Changes: As you guys may know by now, at CFW we had an 11:30am class and at CFS we had a 12-noon class.  After talking to all of the regulars of both classes and getting your input we have decided to compromise with an 11:45am class going forward!  Also, we have experimented with an 8:15am class for the last few weeks and since the average attendance has been low we have decided to drop that time for May.  For all of you that have a Mind Body log in and have been used to signing up for classes PLEASE continue to sign up for classes when possible.  For the CFS members that have not been used to signing up just continue to come to our classes and you will all be getting an email soon with some instructions on what to do going forward.  We will have more details coming soon on the online scheduler and logistics going forward.
  • CF Kids: We are still running our CF Kids program at our old location on Mondays at 7:30pm and on Saturdays at 9:30am.  Starting next week the program will be moved to our new location and if you have any questions about the Kids program just email Jorge at

We have many more new and exciting things coming your way, and many more things on our To Do list that will benefit the community and we will be keeping you guys posted as we go!  As always keep the feedback coming as it really helps us shape our community needs and direction.

See you at the Box!

Coach Chris V

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