Neurology Drills For a Shoulder Win!

Mark came to us to try one of Coach Chris/Eddie’s Z-Health Neurology sessions to see if we could help with his nagging shoulder pain and mobility.  The Left picture shows where in his range of motion Mark started feeling shoulder discomfort/pain. The middle pic was his max range of motion while fighting through pain and discomfort. Picture on the right is Mark’s range of motion after one Z Health assessment with Coach Chris… and totally pain free!  See Mark’s full account of this assessment below!

Press 7×5
Guidlines: Choose a light-medium weight for the first 3-4 sets, then increase in weight for the last three sets

5 Rounds (15 min)
15 OHS (115/80)
15 C2B

A Bike for 5 min Find a pace and maintain your rpms for 5 min


Mark’s Story…

“I’ve been dealing with nagging shoulder pain for about 5 years now.  It all came from working out in an internally rotated position (improper form) and just bad muscle imbalances from working out over the years. I have done everything from a.r.t, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and deep tissue massage.  I have also been doing a lot of mobility drills at the gym as well as at home.  As all of that has helped in different ways, I never really seen much lasting improvement.  It was’t until the last 6 months or so I started having longer stretches of better days.  If you have shoulder problems you know what i’m talking about.  But there was still a missing link that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  No matter how much I stretched or mobilized my flexibility and active mobility was still not very good.  I started talking to Chris and Eddie about this and they informed me on some neurological issues that plague people.  So naturally I was interested, but still a bit standoffish.  Thinking this was some sort of sugar pill effect.  I would feel better because someone said I would.  I saw the blog about Chris and Eddie wanting volunteers to participate in a trial run.  I tried everything else, so why not.  When I showed up to the first session Chris made it very clear to be honest with what I was feeling.  Whether I was noticing improvement or not.  After some posture and movement assessments, we went on to some simple drills.  And when I say simple drills they really are simple drills.  After just two drills we checked my movements again.  And I cant explain it.  But the mobility and movement in my shoulders was unbelievable!  I told Chris that during the movements after the drills I felt no pain and I felt a stretch.  He said that, that’s exactly what you should feel.  Because my body is no longer guarding itself it lets me stretch the muscle I’m intending on stretching.  And these drills allow your body to let its guard down so you can mobilize and stretch the muscles while they are relaxed.  I have been doing the drills Chris gave me everyday, and nice thing about the drills is I can do them at home or work with no equipment.  I haven’t noticed any major shoulder pain and when I do mobilize I feel the stretch differently.  I will continue to do the Z-health drills and I will be reporting any changes good or bad to Chris and Eddie as they requested i do.”

If you want more information on our one-on-one Z Health assessments just email us or talk to Chris and/or Eddie!

~Chris V

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