CrossFit Waterloo/Side Merger


To all CrossFit Members:

We are about to start our 3rd week in our merger and the transition is well underway as many have now noticed.  We wanted to take some time to reach out to all of our members about the past few days…  and yes we are talking to our new members  from CrossFit Side as well.  This is a little longer of a post but we want everyone to see that all of our members matter to us (CrossFit Side or CrossFit Waterloo members).

Each side of this merge has had their own personal experience that is completely different from each other and not comparable. We have done our best to not only have open communication from our end during this time but as well have being sensitive to both sides. With that said we know and fully understand that we cannot please everyone as not everyone will see the vision or purpose as we do (even if discussed). Slowly we have seen more CrossFit Side members joining us during this transition. We are aware that some may be here only during the 60 day period of their contract termination, but none the less it has been a joy to see more and more members join us. No one can lie that the energy has been great and present with the volume of traffic.

If there are any more members out there that are on the fence we wish for you all to read this post and take some time to recognize that we are here to help everyone. From the start we have gone into this merger with full responsibility in helping all members (CFS or CFW) to better their health. After all we only control our own actions and cannot control anything beyond that. With that said if CrossFit Waterloo has offended anyone during this transition, we want you all to know that our intentions were never that. Our intentions have and remain pure to this day despite what some may say.

The reason why this merger/deal came about was simply because it made sense to both parties. CrossFit Waterloo was in the middle of trying to move and had been looking for a new space since July of 2016. Even one of the members at CFS was helping us find a space as they are in the commercial real estate industry.

We want all members to know understand that this opportunity presented itself and it rapidly picked up momentum. CrossFit Side was spending more than it was bring in, so the opportunity became promising for both ends. As well we both understood that there is not a need for two CrossFit gyms that were to operate out of facilities over 10,000 square feet in Waterloo. Please know and recognize that this was not a deal that was in the works for months. In fact no papers were signed until mid-week of the last week of March. A few days later we made the announcement and the transition began.

We realize that there are some people out there that feel that this is not a merger and has been a takeover. The merger of this deal can be seen by the contracts (as well on the business end of the deal between both parties). CrossFit Waterloo has not taken over any contracts or forced anyone to sign new contracts as World Gym owns those contracts. Again for those that were not aware the business model that was been implemented at CrossFit Side was not a sound one. Money was being spent without being recovered. It should be clear that any Business model that is spending more than it is recovering will be short lived.

We appreciate that the execution of the communication could have gone to a better liking for some, but please remember that our intentions on both ends was not to hurt or offend anyone.  We remain sensitive to both sides during this period and take responsibility on bettering all members experience and results. We have and will continue to work with everyone as best as we could as this merger was no one’s fault and just an opportunity for World Gym and CrossFit Waterloo to come together to help its members have a future and long lasting home.

With the changes that have gone on already we want all members to be aware that more will be coming. We have been in contact with Caitlin from C8MK_Design to assure that the artist does not become offended with the changes that will undergo. She has been very positive and supportive with the changes of her mural. We will remain in contact with her as we decide if any future murals are to go up. We want all CrossFit Side members to take the next few days (until May-ish, but no sooner) to enjoy or take any pictures they wish of Caitlin’s mural. The blackboard will remain at CrossFit Waterloo and we encourage all members to write up their health/fitness goals for this year.

Thank you all for being open with your feedback and we encourage for it to continue as we move forward. However as some have seen CrossFit Waterloo will not reciprocate in any negative or immature comments as we are here to better our members. We will not be distracted by these immature comments that may come by from this post and we wish for proper feedback to carry on. Again this posts purpose is to assure all CrossFit Side members that CrossFit Waterloo welcomes and encourages them to join us in what will be a great and positive home for CrossFitters in Waterloo.

All the best,

Coach Eddie

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