Back to Basics

1) Power Clean: 6×3

Level 1: Hi Hang or Muscle Clean
Level 2: Hang Power Clean
Level 3: Power Clean (From the floor)
*Sets are not intended to be touch and go. You can let go of the bar but no more than 6-8 sec rest in between reps.
2) EMOM 15
1st min – 12/10 Calories (AB)
2nd min – 5 Power Cleans
3rd min – 10-15 Pullups
*Aim to complete each movement in 45 sec or less. Choose a weight for the power cleans where you can maintain 5 in the time domain.

3) AP:
Turkish Get-up Practice
Complete 12 Turkish Get-ups
*Use dumbbells/kb and or even a bar
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