Barbell Club Continues as Usual… and Welcome Amber to our Team!

Hey Everyone,

We have some exciting news to announce.  Amber Perron will be continuing on coaching the Barbell Club (which is a one hour Olympic weight lifting class) at our box!  We are going to stick to the same schedule as it was at CrossFit Side so it’s an easy transition… and it continues going on today (Tuesday) at 6:45pm.  We got a lot of great feedback on the class and after talking to Amber and working out with her it was an easy decision to keep it going.   She is very successful and passionate about weightlifting and is very smart in her approach to training.  On top of that all, she has an amazing attitude so it was easy to see why we were getting a lot of great feedback from you guys about her.  Class times are listed below and will be seen soon on our schedule.  Here’s a message from Amber…

“Hello CrossFit Waterloo Community! I’m super excited to be the new addition of your team. Below is a little bit of information about me!

I am a certified NCCP Level 1 Weightlifting Coach with a diploma in Sports and Strength Conditioning from Canadore College. My primary focus for the upcoming year is to develop and educate competitive weightlifters, sport specific athletes, and of course CrossFit memebrs with the knowledge and benefits of strength and explosive movements. This will allow them to take larger strides to become better athletes. A stronger athlete means more “perfect practice”, which one can only be executed if they have a strong foundation.

Since initially learning the lifts last year, I have competed in 8 weightlifting competitions. Some of my greater achievements include; 

– 1st in the Ray Hamilton Weightlifting 2015 (63 kg) 
– 3rd place in Ontario Scholastics 2015 (63kg) 
– 1st Place in Ray Hamilton Weightlifting 2016 (69kg) 
– Achieving a new Canadore College School record for the 69 kg weight class
– Achieving qualifying totals for the WinterLift Weightlifting Comp. (132kg total) 
– Achieving qualifying totals for the Ontario Seniors Weightlifting Comp. (150kg total) 

By applying the fundamentals of weightlifting in a progressive method this allows individuals to improve in strength and explosive power, but also gain knowledge in proper movement patterns depending on the individual needs of the athlete.

Barbell Classes run Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 645-745 pm, as well as Sunday morning’s at 9am. The current way I program is based off of 3 week blocks, followed by one week of “deload” or lighter technique. The sessions are entirely different work-outs, but will be the same each week for 3 weeks, but we increase the percentage to ensure progression. 

If you have any questions you can send us a message. Otherwise….

Come to lifting class!

Amber Perron”

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