Sunday Funday!


Choose your fate!

The class will be divided into 2 separate teams and each team will be given a deck of cards. Any member from the team picks any movement from the list below, and a card is flipped. Based on the card chosen, the whole team must complete the designated amount of reps. The goal is to complete as many cards as possible in the time frame of 25 minutes. Score will be total reps completed.

Ace = 1, Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13, and the Jokers = 25. The rest of the cards are

Synchro Burpees
Pushups (Any style)
Ring Dips
Pull-ups (Any style)
Jack Knives
Squats (Any style)
Lunge (Any style)

Row Cals
100 m Sprints
200 m Run

Kettle bell swings
KB Front Squats
KB Thrusters
KB Push Press
*Dumbbell movements apply as well

Get creative with it, for example:
Burpee Pull-ups, x 10 seconds of a hollow hold or plank, Broad Jumps etc…

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