FAQ’s moving forward!

We’ve met lots with lots of members this weekend and we’re excited to merge our communities! We’ve had some awesome feedback so please keep it coming. One suggestion was to implement a feedback box for members who are a bit too shy to make them feel comfortable, great idea! We have put a feedback box and forms on the corner of the desk to fulfill this request.

It has been a flurry of activity over the weekend and as we’re gearing up for the next few weeks we wanted to re-iterate some questions and answers and gather them all in a central place. We will send out new notifications on Facebook and Twitter when this post is updated with new information and will keep it at the top of the most recent posts each day.

Question: Are my fees changing?
Answer: Everyone’s membership fees will remain unchanged.

Question: Is the schedule changing?
Answer: The CFW schedule has been updated for next week and will be updated for the rest of the month in the coming days (check out the schedule here). For CFW members signing up will be exactly the same. For CrossFit Side members there is no need to sign-in – just show up!

Question: Where do I go, and how do I get in?
Answer: We will be using the entrance to World Gym Waterloo. They will be working with us as we transition with a clearer direction about the entrance logistics. If you’re stopped at the Front Desk tell them you’re with CrossFit Waterloo and they’ll let you through. Our entrance is in the far back corner of the World Gym space opposite of the entrance though the glass double doors.

Question: Where do I put my stuff?
Answer: We have cubbies over in our space for you to leave your belongings, but if you plan to shower we would recommend to bring a lock and use the lockers in the change rooms of the World Gym space just inside the entrance on the left.

Question: Why are the class limits at 50 now?
Answer: We’ve increased the class sizes to 50 in order to gather data on which classes are filling up and the busiest. We will have a coach available on standby during the anticipated busier times and will look into running multiple classes with multiple coaches in the near future should class size warrant it.

Question: How does Open Gym work, or is anything changing?
Answer: Open Gym will be available in any space not currently occupied by an active class. Open Gym is available at any time during our schedule!

Question: What about the “after-party”?
Answer: This is another suggestion from multiple people in the CrossFit Side community and while it’s something we haven’t done before, it sounds like an awesome idea! With that said we will be implementing it starting tomorrow! Remember to keep the feedback coming regarding this or anything else you want to see.

Question: How do I sign-up for classes?
Answer: For CFW members this doesn’t change and you can use the online schedule or MindBody mobile app to do this. For CF side members there is no requirement to sign-up for classes during the month of April. More details to come about getting you into our member management system!

Question: What about bring a friend to CrossFit?
Answer: If you have a friend who is interested is coming please introduce them to Chris or Eddie in person for them to attend their free first class or ask them to email info@crossfitwaterloo.com to setup a time to come. In the interest of safety we want to ensure that all people who are new to CrossFit are capable of the foundational movements before jumping into a regular class. If you want to attend their first class with them even better!

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