Congrats to Coach Jadzia for being the 23’rd Fittest Woman in Canada East!

As you might already know, it would be very difficult to out work Coach Jadzia, and she earned every bit of this super impressive finish! Way to be a leader with your amazing work ethic Coach!

Skill/Oly Lift
Snatch (15 min)
Level 1: Back Press / Muscle Snatch / OHS Work
Level 2: Power Snatch (Floor,Hang,Hi-Hang)
Level 3: Full Snatch (Floor,Hang,Hi-Hang)
*Choose a level and complete sets of 3 with a 90-120 sec rest. Sets don’t need to be touch and go but your rest in between each rep needs to be no longer than 6-8 sec.

5 Rounds
90 sec work, 30 sec rest
Rx :
200m Run
ME T2B (with time remaining in round)
Scaled :
ME V-sits/Jack Knives  (with time remaining in round)

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