Coach Chris’s Top 5 2017 Open Highlights for CrossFit Waterloo

With the 2017 CrossFit Opens wrapping up, I thought it would be a good idea to highlight my top 5 favorite moments of this year’s competition. 

  1. Community POWER. This year we had a whopping 61 participants from CrossFit Waterloo!  About half of them were rookies competing in the Open for the first time.  Pretty amazing numbers there and our best turnout yet.  We had so many unreal and inspiring stories as always within the community and it would be way to hard to go through them all here.  The atmosphere, comradery, and encouragement that this Open brought was something special.  We are lucky to have such an incredible group of good people to lift each other up every week.

It doesn’t get any more inspiring than Scott and his wife Cynthia’s story of how CFW has changed their lives! If you haven’t heard it yet just find Cynthia’s story in our Blog.

  1. First Muscle Ups Ever in Week 2! We had at least 5 people get their first bar Muscle Up this year in 17.2.  There’s something really rewarding for all of us coaches to see our community members doing things they once thought to be impossible.  And it’s even more rewarding when we see the ear to ear smiles on their faces!  Well done for all of you that had plenty of firsts and PR’s during the Open this year.

Steph nailing her very first MU ever! Look at that smile and tell me it’s not contagious!?

  1. The CrossFit Waterloo Coaches and Volunteers. Coach Yash did an outstanding job at organizing, demoing, and making sure that all went flawlessly.  This was the first year that Yashar took charge of this event and it was done better than ever.  From running the Comp class every Saturday, to the CFW Games, and running the Opens thank you for all you do!  With ALL the other coaches (Chris L, Steve, Jadzia, Nik, Ryan, and the rest) and volunteers that were there for long days of judging/social media’ing every week and helping run the event we can’t do this kind of stuff without you.  My personal favorite moment was in Week 5 when Myself, Eddie, Nik, and Brent were all together in the final heat… the last time we all worked out at the same time must have been in 2010!  Pretty cool to see us O.G. Coaches are still slaving away at this thing called CF that brought us all together and changed our lives in ways only CF’ers could understand.


  1. The Future Looks Bright! We also had a record number of teens join our competition this year and they sure made us (and their parents as seen below) at CFW proud.

Proud Pops watching the his daughter Mya (the fittest teen in Canada East) crushing MU’s

  1. The Competitive Spirit. For most of us the Open is for motivation, a measuring tool to see if our fitness is moving in the right direction (a beautiful thing called accountability), and generally to be part of something big and fun and special for our community.  However, we had a few people that were really going for it this year and watching them train all year and work super hard to achieve a result has been amazing as always.  Watching Coach Yash kill his performance last year and finish in the top 1.7% amongst Canada East Men was unreal.  Many of you forget that Yash is still well below his prime Games age and he is heading in the direction he needs to go in FAST.  For Jadzia to finish top 23 and push for a Regionals spot was super exciting and we can’t wait to see what happens!  And of course, for Mya who finished at the top spot in Canada East in her age group and 16th in the world is an amazing accomplishment.  We look forward to cheering her on in her quest to qualify for the CrossFit Games!

In 3 seconds… that bar get’s the SH*T Thrustered out of it!

For myself, this Open has meant a ton.  I was on the fence about participating in it at all.  As most of you know I had a pretty severe sports injury in October of 2015.  Since then I have been actively working on healing which means my “CrossFit training” has been super limited.  I had a lot of reasons excuses why I originally didn’t want to partake.  My training has been on the back burner ever since the injury, I am not even close to as good as I once was at CrossFit, I can’t even do some of the Rx movements yet, blah blah blah.  Thanks to the power of the CFW Community, and all the little voices inside my head (plus Yash’s several times haha) telling me the same advice as I tell our members, I decided to put excuses aside and just do it… scaled or not.  Now, I have a new bar set for my new body.  Not to mention an ‘eff ton of more motivation, and believe me I plan to improve on that bar in 2018.  And that’s exactly what the CrossFit Opens are all about… and having fun with an amazing group of people along the way of course!

Best. Community. Ever. (with some post Opens Recovery Fuel)

Cheers to the 2017 CF Opens!

Chris Vranes

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