CFW March 2017 News & Updates

Coaches Yash and Jadzia having some fun explaining the movement standards!

Hello CFW Community,

It has been a pretty exciting 4 weeks so far with the 2017 CF Opens passing by.  If you haven’t made it out yet for the Saturday Opens class either as a competitor or as a spectator there’s only one week left!  So come by this Saturday at 10:30 to experience the amazing atmosphere and cheer on our team!  There will be a post workout gathering immediately following the conclusion of 17.5 so make it out if you can.

In other news, as you guys know, we are still in the hunt for a new space!  We are in negotiations with a couple of potential places and we really hope to close a deal asap.  As always with these things there are no guarantees on timelines but things can happen any time now and we will keep you posted with our progress.

We thank you for your patience with this search and let us assure you that we are hard at work trying to find the perfect space (better layout, water, upgraded change rooms, etc.).  We know that sometimes the classes are filling up these days and we want to remind you that because of this growth in our memberships we will be able to provide many upgrades to our community!  More/better space is just the beginning.  As the CFW Community grows we will be able to offer a better and bigger schedule, class diversity, more toys, different services, and several more opportunities!  Hang tight and pay close attention to our blog for more updates…

Chris Vranes


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