The 2nd Annual Izlakar Challenge

The 2nd Annual Izlakar Challenge

(or Brad & Dave’s Excellent Adventure –> 10,100 Reps)

Here it is CrossFit Waterloo! Tell your kids, friends, and family. This will be another great challenge to be a part of with a fun bang at the end! The challenge starts this Friday March 17th and opens with  1 Push-up/100 Sit-ups for reps.

The details and signup for this year’s challenge is in the link below. We have started the challenge a bit early to avoid interfering with the summer holiday schedule.–4M7Ysdjll6gZT99N4iVQLbXX7AbErLw7Ocg/viewform

If you select to purchase a T-Shirt, then go to this Pay-Pal link and pay for it.

Lastly, we will send out an Evite for a party on the 24th of June closer to the date.

Have fun! Brad & Dave








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