17.3 Announcement Coming Tomorrow!

Congrats to Nicole for getting her first Muscle Up last week! We had at least 4 members getting their first bar MU last week in 17.2! That is an accomplishment to be proud of for the CrossFit Waterloo community and congrats to all of you. A couple of other BIG notables are Coach Jadzia sitting in 5th in Canada East Womens! Mya is sitting in 1st in Canada East and 27th in the World for her Teen’s age group! Way to go ladies and keep up the great work.

Oly Lift Skill
Clean & Jerks (15 min)
Level 1: Muscle Clean + Press
Level 2: Power Clean + Push Press/Jerk
Level 3: Full Clean + Push/Split Jerk
*For levels 2 & 3, choose an appropriate position that you need work on (Hi Hang, Hang, Floor). From there complete sets of 3 with rest period in between sets no longer than 6-8 sec.

3 x 5 min Stations
Station 1: ME Burpees 40 sec on, 20 sec off
Station 2: ME UB Strict Pull-ups EMOM 5
Station 3: Dual Db/Kb Thrusters 40 sec on, 20 sec off
*rest 1 minute in between stations

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