3 X 3 – Saving Those Hands

It has been a lot of dumbbell work, and Pull-Ups and Snatches, it is about time we gave those hard working hands a bit of a break! And we will be doing that today, with your Triple WOD Sunday!  Three Workouts, Three Rounds, Three Minutes Rest Between!

Workout 1: 3 Rounds – Accumulate (9 Min TL):
1200 M Row (can only row when Partner is doing Wallballs)
Wallballs (till rows are done) (20/16)
(Partners can choose when to swap Wallballs for Rowing)

Workout 2: 3 Rounds – Accumulate (9 min TL):
150DU (300 skips)
50 Hollow Rocks

Workout 3: 3 Rounds (9 min TL) :
50 MedBall Cleans (20/16)
30 Burpees

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