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We will be placing orders this week for Progenex. Unfortunately there is still items that are sold out; which include Haute Cakes, Recovery Tropical Vanilla flavor, and Force (pre-workout). The other Recovery flavours are in stock. You can place your order from now until Sunday with any of our Coaches.

Supplements again are for those that may be lacking nutrients in their daily lifestyle. Progenex is a high quality product that we find gives results and no gimmicks as there is a lot of that in the supplement world.


Here is a list of supplements available:

Progenex Amplitude
This is Progenex’s creatine option to give your muscles the explosive energy they need so you can power towards PR’s, pack on more lean muscle mass, or energy to crush your next workout. We get creatine through red meats, seafoods, supplements, and our body produces it.
$79.95 (60 servings)

Progenex Build
Build is designed to optimize your energy levels during high intensity workouts so that you can go harder and longer. It does this by providing a high dosage of good carbohydrates and whey protein. This is key for those that have a fast metabolism and may struggle with putting on muscle or eating enough through the day.
$79.95 (30 servings)

Progenex Cocoon (Silk chocolate or Cinnamon slumber)
This can be considered as the night time Protein. Recommended to be sipped warm prior to bedtime to have a deep, sound, restorative and reparative sleep. Night protein is digested slower to allow your body to have small dosages of protein through out the night. This is mostly a Casein protein.
$84.95 (30 servings)

Progenex Flow (Island punch)
Hydrolyzed salmon protein isolate for easy digestion. This is for those that are seeking to stay as Paleo as possible. As it states the protein comes from Salmon versus a dairy type. Because of that it may also be considered as a snack replacement for the mid day blah’s.
$114.95 (30 servings)

Progenex Force (Lemon squeeze or Raspberry lemonade)
Progenex’s pre-workout supplement. This will increases oxygen, strength, stamina, and mental clarity and focus, helping you take your training and performance. For those that have not tried pre-workout’s this stuff really works and can make you hyper.
$74.95 (30 servings)

Progenex More Muscle (Cookies ‘n’ cream, Peanut butter smash, Chocolate, Strawberry, or Mocha)
PROGENEX More Muscle will help you achieve your best body composition ever as you build lean muscle mass, burn fat and increase both muscle size and strength. For those that need a boost and want to pack on muscle. This is a higher dosage of Whey protein.
$84.95-$89.95 (30 servings)

Progenex Omega+
This is Progenex’s omega 3 supplement. This will  helps reduce inflammation, accelerate recovery and supplement good fats that the body requires for mental and physical performance. Progenex calls this supplement “oil for your machine.” It’s rich with krill and calamari oil and uses an all-natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to boost overall health and wellness. Ingredients like krill have been shown to lower bad cholesterol by up to 55%.
$74.95 (45 servings)

Progenex Recovery (Peanut butter Smash, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, or Mocha)
Taken post-workout it helps with workout recovery within your muscles to rebuild. As well helps overcome fatigue and restore performance with just one serving by allowing more protein into daily diets as most of deficient in protein intake. This is your daily standard Whey Protien.
$74.95-$79.95 (30 servings)

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