Don’t Panic… They’re Just Pullups… and Opens Submissions are Extended

In case you have missed it… the deadline to post your score for 17.1 has been moved to 8pm Tuesday instead of last night and your scores will be verified as soon as the CF games site is up and running again!

Level 1: UB Set of Supines/Banded Pull-ups/Jumping
Level 2: UB Set of Kipping/C2B Pull-up
Level 3: UB Set of Bar Muscle-up / Strict Bar Muscle-up
*Pick a progression that you find challenging to complete 3-10 reps of UB.  Work for no more than 30 sec and rest for 30 sec.

60 Lateral Hop Burpees
30 G2OH (135/95) (Snatch or Clean & Jerk)
15 Bar Muscle-ups (Scaled Variations: C2B/Pull-up/Supine)


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