17.1 Recap

This past Saturday was a blast with the kick off to 17.1! It was great to see everyone pushing there limits and supporting the CrossFit Waterloo community.

Week 1 of the CrossFit Opens is slowly coming to an end, with Monday being the final day to complete/submit your scores. Please remember to submit your scores tomorrow by 8:00 PM.

Notes on submitting scores:
-Use either Yashar Laghai or Steve Gerger when choosing a judge for this week. We will have more valid judges for the weeks to come.

Important reminders for 17.2 and the rest of the opens…
We ask that everyone who is doing their open workouts on Saturday to sign-up for the “Competitors Class” in advanced (Listed in the Saturday classes). This gives us time to sort out heats ahead of time and more preparation for spacing out any equipment. If you aren’t participating in Saturdays open WOD make sure you arrange a time with one of the coaches ahead of time to complete the open workout. Also, if you need to go in the earlier heats on Saturday please email me (yash@crossfitwaterloo.com).

Furthermore, we would like to ask our members to please register under our Team. To do so if you have not already, you will need to log onto your profile on the CrossFit Games Website and click “join or switch team” to edit your team. If you have already put CrossFit Waterloo as your team you will see it listed in your profile. If you’re not under the CrossFit Waterloo team, you can simply change it under your profile (Follow the pictures below to help guide you). This update needs to be completed before 8:00 PM Monday.

So far here are the members listed on the Open Team Roster under CrossFit Waterloo:

Kevin Vantyghem, Yashar Laghai, Kate Mcdonnell, Shawn Brubacher, Steve Gerger, Michael Petrelli, Heidi Frey, Josh Grein, Chris Lemoine, Alex Zur Linden, Brad Siim, Jadzia Truszkowski, Chris Vranes, Emma Seymour, Zach Wideman, Chris Faulds, Greg Needham, Ryan Kleinknecht, Nigel Singroy, Otto Boril

Only 20/57 have registered under our team (listed above). Make sure you edit your team name before the deadline. Also, yes there’s 57 of us signed up! Our community is growing and the energy is building up year after year. We thank you all for the amazing community you have built.

Good luck on 17.2!

-Yashar & Steve

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