2017 CrossFit Opens @ CFW

We are all pretty stoked that the Opens are finally here! The CFW veterans have witnessed the amazing energy and motivation that comes from this time of year. However not everyone has witnessed this as there are many brave members, new to CFW, that have signed up for the 2017 Opens! We would like to take this time to clarify a few concerns for the rookies.

As most of you know this is a 5 week online competition. As a community we will be taking time on Saturday’s at 10:30am to allow for our weekly Opens WOD to be done. We will have judges, and volunteers are wanted/needed for these Saturday’s to be successful. We do our best to have the day flow as smooth as possible, but some weeks are tougher than others based on the workout. For those attending on the Saturday’s (which we encourage with the amazing energy), the first heat will go at 11am sharp. If it is a workout that more time is required we will announce the time for the first heat on the Friday WOD post. If you do not have much time on the Saturday but wish to still be a part of it; please advise Coach Yash to put you into one of the first heats. There is a lot of last minute planning that is required, so please talk to Coach Chris V, Eddie, or Yash if any questions or adjustments are required.

Those that have chosen to watch the Opens this year, you still will get a chance to do the Open workouts as we will be programming the workout on Friday’s after the live announcement. This day is strictly geared for everyone to perform the workout without a Judge and/or score submission. This is a good day to do a “dry run” and practice the WOD prior to Saturday. We encourage athletes to not “go all out” and just to practice your strategy for the workout.

We understand that Saturday’s may be tough to attend every week for some of you. If this is the case, we will do our best to accommodate everyone. We ask that you arrange a time with a Coach to do the WOD prior to the deadline. You can approach any of our Coaches to arrange a time that works for you to perform the Open WOD. Please remember many of our Coaches will be participating as well and please respect them if they are there as an athlete versus a Coach/Judge. If it is possible the easiest may be to stay after your regular time class to be judged for your workout. This works great for the 7am, 9:30am, 11:30am, or 7:30pm classes or at non-peak hours as it allows the coach to use the Northfield room or after/in between classes.

If you have any further questions you can email info@crossfitwaterloo.com and let us know your concern(s) and we will sort them out. We always look forward to this exciting time of year for our community to come together and cheer each other on!


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