Hello CFW Community,

We have some updates and news for you, so here’s a few points to get excited about!

  • The 2017 CrossFit Opens are upon us. Just another week to go and so far, we have about 25 of us signed up.  If you have already signed up note that there is now a CrossFit Waterloo team option so make sure you join the team.  If you are not sure about the details of the open talk to one of us coaches.  We encourage everyone to sign up for so many reasons!
  • Remember that $1000 we raised back in December for our community fundraiser? We have decided (Dave Castro may have influenced our decision a little bit) to put that money towards some sets of Dumb Bells.  It will be an alternate to KB’s and we have so many new movements that we can introduce with them.  You will be seeing those soon at the box… along with some other new toys in the coming months… hint hint.
  • If you haven’t seen already, our window to sign up for and cancel classes is now just 1 hour so we hope this makes things much more convenient for you.


Finally, we know that our classes have been getting more full lately and we are really excited about our growing community.  We are so happy to share our world class knowledge and passion in health and fitness with as many people as possible and plan to continue forward with this momentum.  Most importantly, we are excited to share our amazing results with the people of this region, and turn around as many lives as possible.

We understand that some classes have been filling up consistently… and we are going to be doing all that is necessary to accommodate this growth to make CFW a better place for you all.  We want to thank you for your patience with this, and also make it clear that thanks to this growth, we will be improving on many aspects of our club to make it a better place for you to train.

As many of you know, we are in the process of finding some more space (insert upgrades and opportunities here).  Rest assured that we won’t be moving far and the new space will be well worth the wait once we find the right fit for you guys.

Until then, we will be making some small changes to our current set up to make things more accommodating.  We will be opening up more class times to make our schedule more consistent and to give you more options.  Also, we will be using the Northfield Room to increase capacity of our classes.  With all of these options, we will also be getting some more equipment and toys to play with!  We have been experimenting with some new programming ideas over the past few months to work with a higher class capacity on certain days and so far it has been going great.  We have been hearing awesome feedback about our workouts lately and we look forward to making our programming more fun while still providing the results you guys all need and are used to!

As always, please keep the feedback coming our way as it truly does make a huge difference in how we shape our club. Good or bad, regarding your overall experience, or our programing, or class convenience, or any other thought is greatly appreciated.

A HUGE thanks to everyone for helping us move the community forward.  We appreciate what all of you do to make CFW better every day!

Chris Vranes

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