Testimonial Tuesday… “Kaizen” is Key

Alex approached me after he started CF’ing for a while to help him achieve a goal. His motivation and energy weren’t ideal at that time and he needed a boost. We set him up with a “30 day Lifestyle challenge” that changed his life! The sustainable good habits are the point to doing this challenge, and in his case it started with a month of small positive changes. From then until now we’ve had a few ups and downs but overall Alex’s eating, recovering, and exercising habits have all changed in a positive way and his results speak for themselves.  I cannot wait to see what the next 6 months brings Alex and I hope we have another picture to post in Aug of 2017! -Coach Chris V                                                                                            SEE BELOW FOR ALEX’S STORY

Oly Skill/Strength:
3 Power Snatch + 3 Full Snatch
*You may only let go of the bar between the 3 Power and 3 Full Snatches. You may choose between high hang, low hang or full cleans based on what progression your are working on at the moment. Stick to that position for all reps over the 12 minutes.

Ring Dips
Hang Power Cleans (135/95)


Alex’s Story:

I set out on my diet and exercise change back in August 2016. I weighed 200 pounds and I wanted to change that and come to the gym more consistently. My goal was to get down to 180 pounds, and come 3 times a week. Chris suggested we do a 4 week “challenge” by making up a meal plan. The idea was if I stuck to my meal routine, I would get into a gym routine. After 4 weeks, I had lost 10 pounds! Not only had I lost excess weight, I was stronger, faster, and overall better at everything I was doing. I went all the way from an 85# clean to 145#. I didn’t get as sore in the days following a workout, and I could feel certain exercises getting easier.

Since then, I have increased the weight of many of my lifts – in fact [Coach] Chris L and [Coach] Brad constantly tell me to increase my weight because I make it look too easy! I still struggle to get in 3 times a week, but I always look forward to coming in and I am building friendships with others because of it. I still continue to improve my personal bests and it is an amazing feeling when you hit the next one. Only a couple of weeks ago I was able to back squat 200 pounds, my old body weight! Even better, is that I reached my original body weight goal of 180 pounds!

I feel better in different ways – I feel better physically, I feel better about my body image and I even feel better emotionally. I sometimes struggle with my own personal anxiety and when I come to Crossfit Waterloo, that all disappears. You forget what worrying is. You forget about outside influences. You forget everything that is “wrong” in your life. All there is, is you. It’s a fantastic feeling.

There’s a word sometimes thrown around in my industry (automation) called “Kaizen”. It’s a Japanese term meaning continuous improvement. Always looking for a way to be better.I look forward to continuously improving myself. I am excited for what else I can accomplish in the future.


Alex Judge

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