Feeling Like a Rusty Robot? Maybe We Can Help!

Hello CFW Community,

As many of you know a couple of weeks ago, Eddie and I were at Z Health (Video Below) in Arizona to study Neurology… more specifically a brain based approach to health and fitness.  One of the key focuses in this course was Pain Relief (& Performance Enhancement) with precise mobility training, through a neurological lens.

What we found throughout this 4 day course was mind blowing.  Within a few minutes of specific movement drills, we were able to reduce pain and increase range of motion both within our own bodies and with some real life cases!

Since we have been back to CFW we have been using some of these drills in practical applications and getting some awesome results.  In one example, Coach Yashar (competitive CrossFit athlete) has been having a lingering knee pain when he put himself in certain ranges of motion.  We tested the knee pain before some of these drills and it was assessed to be a 6 out of 10 discomfort level.  After a 30 minute assessment including some of these drills… the pain was completely gone!  On top of that, without any stretching at all we were able to increase his range of motion in rotation… something he was struggling with.

Eddie and I want to share this knowledge, and more importantly the results with the CFW Community… and here’s how:

We are looking for people that have some chronic discomfort or pain that they find themselves working around.  We also are looking for people with some range of motion issues to work with.  The goal of the session will be defined by you.  Whether you want the 5/10 shoulder discomfort to be minimized or whether you want a better ROM trying to touch your toes is to be defined by you… We are going to give away 10 free half hour assessments to the first 10 people that email us.  All you need to do is let us know what you want us to work on in the email and we will go from there. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Chris Vranes

PS. Thank you all that have emailed already. Our 10 spots have been filled, but look forward to other chances/options in the future as we work forward in introducing more Functional Neurology. 

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