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The 2017 CFW Opens are officially complete with less than a week left until the CFW Games! Congratulations to all the competitors in the CFW Opens. Below you’ll find placements/team members for the CFW Games. If you want to see the results for week 4, check out the week 4 live leaderboard.

Top 6 Rx Females:
1st – Jadzia Truszkowski
2nd – Jessica Vanderloo
3rd – Mya Brubacher
4th – Heidi Frey
5th – Kate McDonnell
6th – Megan Mailey / Stephanie Ringwood

Top 6 Rx Males:
1st – Yashar Laghai
2nd – Alex zur Linden
3rd – Chris Lemoine
4th – Steve Gerger
5th – Shawn Brubacher
6th – Mark Cameron

Top 6 Scaled Females:
1st – Jenn Faulds
2nd – Caitlin Port
3rd – Laura Sauro

Top 6 Scaled Males:
1st – John Matesa
2nd – Chris Faulds
3rd – John Vrbanac
4th – Neil Kaus
5th – David Cook
6th – Joe Companion

Team 1
Megan Mailey / Stephanie Ringwood
Mike Ringwood
Ben Pauhl

Team 2
Chris Keller
Jayme Amos
Julia Druce

Team 3
Luke Nater
John Ramirez
Alex Visca

Team 4
Bryan Cook
Rob Maurice
Otto Boril Jr.

*If you want to have a cool team name, email me your team number and team name.

CFW Games Schedule/Guidelines:

As stated in the previous blog, these times will be followed exactly! Looking at the schedule you will see that workouts will have a 5 min transition between workouts. This means you will be need to be ready at your heat time. To warm-up for your workout, the northfield room will be open for the CFW Games competitors.

The first 30 minutes of the event will be used to sign-in all athletes. It is important for you to arrive and sign-in on time before the announcement of the first workout. Also, upon arriving at CFW a scorecard will be available for every athlete and team that needs to be filled out during this time as well.

Before every workout standards will be explained and any questions will be answered regarding the workout. These transitions will last from 10-15 min so it’s important to listen and understand all the standards.

Judging?! That’s right, bro-reps aren’t acceptable anymore! Rx heats will judge scaled heats and vice versa. Volunteers will be available to judge as well. Try to judge at least 1 workout/heat during the CFW Games in preparation for CrossFit Opens.

The main room will be used for all the workouts, so if you are not working out or judging stay outside the workout area. Tape/pylons will be placed down to mark these zones. It is recommended that if you are done your workout head to the Northfield room to rest, recover etc.

Now for the fun part. The event starts from 10:00 am – 3:30 pm. There will be 3 workouts for the individuals and 2 workouts for the teams. Here’s the full description to Team WOD #1 and individual WOD #2 below. The rest of the workouts will be announced the day of the competition.

Team WOD #1:
10 MIN TL (Running clock)
Part 1 (4 min): ME Synchro Bar Facing Burpees (Two people working at a time)
*Both partners must have their chest on the floor before the next rep starts
Part 2 (6 min): ME Accumulated weight deadlifted (One person works)
*Weights can be switched around with the assistance of only your team mates.

Eg. For part 2:
Team mate 1: Deadlifts 135lbs x 3
Team mate 2: Deadlifts 100lbs x 2
Team mate 3: Deadlifts 50lbs x2
Total score would be 570lbs for part 2
*Deadlifts don’t have to have to unbroken and not every member from your team needs to deadlift.

Individual WOD #2:
12 BF Burpees
8 Power Snatches (135/95)

B: 1 RM Clean & Jerk (5 min)
*Immediately after

12 BF Burpees
8 Power Cleans (95/65)

B: 1 RM Deadlift (5 min)
*Immediately after

Read these carefully and let me know if you have any questions. Since this workout is being released ahead of time, the structure will be briefly explained during CFW Games.

Also, don’t forget to come prepared Saturday (Eg. Food, water, clothes, gear). Spectators are welcome, as long they respectful of all the competitors/judges.


If you wish to volunteer, such as judge/setup heats. Click this link:

I appreciate the help!

Good luck!


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