Competitors Class/CFW Games Update

1) Snatch
Build to a heavy triple
*Drop the bar after each rep but rest no more that 10 sec between reps*

2) EMOM 30
1st – 3-5 Muscle-ups (Ring/Bar)
2nd – 1 Bear Complex (Ascend in weight)
3rd – 15 Box Jumps

3) WOD “14.5 Meets 15.5”
Thrusters (95/65)
BF Burpees
Cal Row

CFW Games Reminder:

Last call for athletes who wish to compete in the CFW Games. The attendance form needs to be completed today in order to be invited to the CFW Games. If you don’t fill out the form you won’t be included in individual/team competition. Also, don’t forget to submit your score today by 6:00 pm. Click here for links to the forms.

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