CFW 17.4… Final Week!

Congrats to CFW’s Jadzia and Jayme for yet another podium finish at CrossFit Elgin in their winter challenge comp. Also, if you look closely CFW newbie Emma was on the podium as well in her first CF Comp! Way to represent CFW guys!

Oly Skill/Strength:
3 Power Clean + 3 Full Clean
*You may only let go of the bar between the 3 Power and 3 Full Cleans. You may choose between high hang, low hang or full cleans based on what progression your are working on at the moment. Stick to that position for all reps over the 12 minutes.

CFW 17.4

EMOM (3 rounds)
1st – Burpees to target (6″)
2nd – Pull-ups
3rd – Wallballs (20/14)
4th- Cal Row
5th- Rest

1st – Burpees to target (6″)
2nd – Jumping Pull-ups (Head must be 6″ below the bar to start)
3rd – Wallballs (16/10)
4th- Cal Row
5th- Rest

*Keep track of total reps per round. Your score will be the total of the 3 rounds*
For Rx: Pull-ups must be completed without the assistance of bands or jumping. Kipping/Butterfly Pullups are allowed as long as the chin passes the horizontal plane of the bar.
If there are not enough rowers, divide into two heats and heat 2 starts 2 min after heat 1. The clock will then be set to 16:00 min instead of 14:00 min.

Week 4 Submission link:
Live leaderboard for week 4:

*Don’t forget to fill in your forms confirming that you are participating in the CFW Games. Click here for more details*

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