Week 3 Results / CFW Games update

Congratulations to Stephanie Ringwood for getting her first muscle-up! She has been consistently working on her muscle-ups for 3 weeks in preparation for the Opens. Keep up the great work Stephanie!


These past 3 weeks have been blast with only 1 week left of the CFW Opens! This week will be your final chance to make the top 6 in your division. Again if you don’t make the top 6 in your division you will still have a chance to compete in teams at the CFW Games. The official date of the CFW Games will be Saturday, February 11th.

Week 3 results:
Rx Division
Shawn brubacher – 151
Yashar Laghai – 148
Jadzia Truszkowski – 145
Bryan Cook – 131
Chris Lemoine – 131
Jessica vanderloo – 130
Steve gerger – 130
Alex zur Linden – 130
Mya Brubacher – 125
Heidi Frey – 120
Jon Popham – 114
Jayme Amos – 113
Luke Nater – 111
Chris Keller -110
Mike Ringwood – 110
Mark Cameron – 106
Nicole jilek – 105
John Ramirez – 101
Rob Maurice – 100
Josh Grein – 99
Ed Larin – 98
Michael Petrelli – 97
Megan Mailey – 90
Stephanie Ringwood – 90
Kevin Vantyghem – 90
Julia Druce – 72

Scaled Divison
Chris Faulds – 155
John Vrbanac – 148
Jenn Faulds – 146
John Matesa – 146
Joe Companion – 145
Emma seymour – 143
David Cook – 140
Neil Kaus – 137
Caitlin Port – 130
Craig Ingram – 130
Ben Pauhl – 126
Laura Sauro – 123
Phil Bauman – 98
Otto boril – 75

Overall Standings:
Rx Males:
1. Yashar Laghai
2. Alex zur Linden
2. Shawn Brubacher
3. Steve Gerger
3. Chris Lemoine
4. Mark Cameron
5. Josh Grein
6. Chris Keller
6. Bryan Cook
7. Jon Popham
8. John Ramirez
8. Luke Nater
9. Jayme Amos
10. Mike Ringwood
11. Rob Maurice
12. Michael Petrelli
13. Ed Larin
14. Kevin Vantyghem
14. Alex Visca

Scaled Males:
1. John Matesa
2. Chris Faulds
3. John Vrbanac
4. Craig Ingram
4. Phil Bauman
5. David Cook
5. Neil Kaus
6. Joe Companion
7. Otto Boril Jr.
8. Ben Pauhl

Rx Females:
1. Jadzia Truszkowski
2. Mya Brubacher
3. Jessica Vanderloo
4. Heidi Frey
5. Nicole J.
6. Megan Mailey
7. Kate McDonnell
7. Stephanie Ringwood
8. Julia Druce
9. Patricia Gonzalez

Scaled Females:
1. Emma seymour
2. Jenn Faulds
3. Caitlin Port
4. Tawny Tram
4. Laura Sauro
5. Sarah Spitzig

If you have signed up for the CFW Opens and are going to be competing in the CFW Games, please fill out this form to confirm your attendance for the competition date.

Attendance Form: https://goo.gl/forms/urbw2WJiyS9PDdmv2

Registration Status: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1frFrJ48kkPOOJ5PmvV1RWk223sgpYF1lJWwH2fTe-38/edit?usp=sharing

The 2nd link posted is a spreadsheet listing all competitors along side a registration status indicating whether you have paid the entry fee or not.**The attendance form and your registration must be completed before Friday this week to compete at the CFW Games (No exceptions)**

CFW Games:
On Sunday, February 5th all the individual placements will be posted along side team rosters. It is important to submit your score by 6:00 pm Saturday of week 4. Also, the competitor roster will be based off of the attendance form. *If you don’t fill out the attendance form you will not be competing at the CFW Games*

The CFW Games will be a day event starting from 10:00 am ~ 3:30 pm. The first half hour of the event will be used for you to sign-in and get changed. The 1st workout will be explained along side movement standards shortly after. A schedule will be sent out next week outlining all the heat times. The heat times are going followed exactly so it is important that you are ready to go when your heat is called. The other room will be available for you to get warmed up and prepared for your heat. More details on the event will be outlined in next weeks post.

Your job:
-Fill out the attendance form (This means all competitors, whether you are in teams or individual) by Friday, February 3rd
-Make sure you have paid your entry fee by Friday, February 3rd
-Submit your week 4 score by 6:00 pm Saturday
*The earlier you submit the easier it is for me to get everything organized 🙂

Also, if you are interested in helping out in the event such as judging/setting-up for the CFW Games please let me know. Click here if you’re interested: https://goo.gl/forms/iWQdfszyml382xig2

Email: yash@crossfitwaterloo.com

Goodluck on CFW’s 17.4


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