Progenex Order Due Tuesday

This months order is due on Tuesday. Yes, we are able to order Progenex Haute Cakes!!!


8 Deadlifts

Track Weight, difficulty, and form


EVEN: 10 Wallballs; 20/14lb + 5 Burpees
ODD:  7 Clean & Squat; 135/95lb


*CFW Opens Update*

So far Week 1 has been a success, keep up the great work CFW! The leaderboard for Week 1 will be in Sundays WOD posting. Just a reminder to sign-up for the CFW Opens & Games you need to register and submit your score by this Saturday (6:00 pm).

Submit your score here:

Also, there’s been some confusion on how to submit your score for this week. Some of you have been submitting scores in this style: eg. 12+12. Resubmit if your score looks similar and or if you added comments (I’ll delete your old score). I only need total reps completed in the 9 minutes, so only enter one number (eg. 103). There’s an example right above the score box to give you an idea on what I need to see for your score. Let me know if you have any questions on submission or registration.



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