Muscle Up Mondays

We will be posting the new programming notes this week as we are in a new cycle starting from now until the 2017 CF Opens!

Ninjas: 3x (ME Strict + ME Kipping)
Pros: 3xME
Intermediate: Muscle-up Progression Practice
Beginners: 3x ME Supine + ME Push Ups

4 Rounds (18 MIN TL)
10 Front Squats
20 Box Jumps (24/20)
20 Burpees to target (6″)

*Ascending weight M (135-155-175-195) F (95-105-115-130)


CFW Opens:
Don’t forget to sign-up for the CFW Opens! The first workout will be announced tomorrow and you will have until Saturday to complete and submit your score. The CFW Opens are open to all skill levels, and we encourage everyone to compete and have fun! For more information on the competition click here.


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