Annual CrossFit Waterloo Games Starting This Year!

CFW Community,

It’s almost that time of year with only 51 days left until the CrossFit Opens. Starting this year, we will be introducing a new CrossFit Waterloo annual tradition with the CFW Games competition. Following the same structure as the CrossFit Opens, we will be starting on January 10th where a workout will be released every Tuesday for 4 weeks. The workouts will be incorporated into the Tuesday classes to make it easier for you to complete. So all you need to do is show up on Tuesdays!

Take the CrossFit Waterloo Games competition as a chance to have a blast competing with the community and seeing where you stand amongst your peers. Your goal may be just to compete against your friends, or see what the Opens will be like, or maybe you are looking to win the CrossFit Waterloo Games!  Either way you’ll be one step closer to becoming a better overall athlete. Both your strengths and weaknesses will be exposed during the CFW Opens (Ignore this if you’re Rich Froning) and this will give you motivation to improve and train for next year to become better than you were this year.  Even if you’re not competitive, registering will be a great way of getting the CFW community more motivated and closer together!

Since the Opens are just around the corner, the CFW Open becomes a great test run for those of you who have been competing in the Opens in past. If you are still undecided or have no idea about signing up for the 2017 CrossFit Opens this year, the CFW Opens is a great step to take to join in on the tradition and see if it’s something you would be interested in.

The CFW Opens will be divided into Rx and Scaled divisions. Listed below are the minimum requirements for each division. Scaled division requirements will be open to almost all members at CrossFit Waterloo. In the Rx division the loads will be heavier and their will be more advanced skills that you will be required to do in workouts. The requirements below are listed to know what division you should be signing up for.  If you are not sure what division to sign up for talk to one of the coaches and we can help suggest a division for you.

Rx Division:

Clean & Jerk (155/105)

Snatch (115/85)

HSPU or S2OH (155/105)

Deadlifts (275/175)

Pull-ups (No bands or jumping)




Scaled Division:

Clean & Jerk (95/65)

Box Jump (20/16)

Wall balls (16/10)

Jumping Pull-ups (Head starting 6” below the bar)

Single skips

During and after the 4 weeks, all your points will be accumulated and you’ll be able to see where you rank among the CrossFit Waterloo community. But wait there’s more, from the leaderboard the top 6 Males and top 6 Females from Rx and Scaled will be invited to the CFW Games. The games will be held on Saturday, February 11th. Three grueling workouts will be completed against the top 6 in your tier to find the fittest in CrossFit Waterloo.

If you don’t happen to make the cut, there’s still a chance to compete as teams. A week prior to the CFW Games, teams will be made up consisting of the competitors who didn’t qualify to compete at the games as individuals.

The winners from each division and the winning team will have their names engraved on a plaque to congratulate the 2017 winners. Since this will be an annual competition names will go on the plaque every year to come!  

Important Dates:

CFW Opens Week 1 – January 10-14th

CFW Opens Week 2 – January 17-21th

CFW Opens Week 3 – January 24-28th

CFW Opens Week 4 – January 31th – February 4th

CFW Games – Saturday, February 11th (Day event)

*Deadline for submission each week will be every Saturday by 6 pm

How to register:

More details will follow this week on how to register for the CFW Games. The fee for registration will be $10 (plus tax) and proceeds will be mostly going towards a plaque (and maybe even some prizes if we get enough entrees). Again, once you sign-up you will be automatically invited to the CFW Games for teams unless you make it into the top 6.

More details on the CFW Games will be coming up in later blogs. Let us know if you’re interested in competing and also spread the word to the CFW community!



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