Test Week Next Week

Special thanks to Dr. Andrew Robb for having me a his Athletic Movement Assessment Seminar this past weekend. Many of you guys know him already and now we can welcome him in our community at CFW as you may have seen him attending our classes these days. I learned a ton at the seminar and our community will benefit from this knowledge! -Coach Chris

OLY Skill
2 Snatch Balance
*3 sec pause at the btm of the first

Min 2: 1 Pwr Clean + 6 Front Squat
Min 1: 10 WallBall + 5 L Pull Up
Min 3: 15 Burpee
Min 4: rest

NOTE: Just a reminder that next week we will be testing some of the movements we have been working on for the past couple of months… make sure you are there with your A Game!


Congrats to CFW’s Veteran Emily for a third place finish at the amrap battle series last weekend!

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