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4 bottles opened and left last Thursday after only 3 classes…


Hey Everyone! The holidays are fast approaching and we have lots going on this month, so we want to keep you all informed. Take a few minutes of your day and give this blog a read as it has lots of information about the water situation, hoodies/tee shirts, supplements, Christmas Competition and fundraiser, and a toy/food drive that is coming.

First of all some of you may have noticed that this week we decided to set a price on the bottled water. The major reason for this was due to waste. In the past 6+ months waste of water bottles has been escalating. A lot of times bottles are just cracked open without a drink or a small sip of water taken out of it and then left behind. We didn’t mind supplying the water, but this waste of plastic and precious resource of water has led us to put a set price of $1.00. The honour system will be the way we will proceed and remember Santa is watching all! For now this will be our water solution and encourage you all to plan and bring you own water for your workouts. We have been working for the past 5 months on potentially moving into a new space, but the hunt has been slow for many factors that we can not control. We want you all to know that we will still be working forward to finding the right solutions and hope you all can stay patient as good things take time, but are working towards them.

Secondly our hoodies have been delayed (due to shipping delays) but they should be up for sale by this weekend. As you may have seen the new order of shirts have gone on sale as well, so get your gifts or own as soon as possible. As every year we do sell out of the hoody and the same design never comes back. On the same topic the monthly order of Progenex will be ending and due on Tuesday December 13th. Check out our Progenex  blog about the supplement options and price ranges for more details. Going forward we will be placing a monthly order of Progenex for anyone interested in the product. There are many products available and if you currently take omega 3, protein, pre-workout, or creatine we encourage you to try them out. The quality of Progenex is by far the best on the market that we have seen and is why we have chosen to go with Progenex versus one of the other million options!

Now onto the holiday events! On Saturday December 17th we will be having our annual Christmas WOD and new this year a Fundraiser that was an idea by one of our great members. As most years we like to change things up and make it different as possible. As many have read or heard this year we will be having our WOD/Competiton at 9:30am. Be on time as the warm up will start by 9:35 and teams will be made asap. There are many prizes up for grabs so the teams will be fair and if you plan on attending come on time to qualify for prizes! This day our Community Fundraiser will come to an end as well. If you haven’t heard from the post or the buzz this is your chance to make a donation and vote for any Gym Toys you wish to see to play with! After the morning of competition, prizes, donations, and fun comes to an end we will take a break. Then later on at night at 6pm Jayme Amos will be welcoming all members interested to come out to his home for a Christmas gathering. Look out next week on the whiteboard for the final details which include the address.

Last of all but as important you will be seeing a box coming next week with another blog that will have further details. This blog and box will be for a toy/food drive that we will be hosting at the box. Donations will be going to a family and children in need of help this holiday season.

Thanks to all our members for having another great year filled with lots of gains and goose bump stories about life changing events that have been achieved through fitness and determination! Our positive and awesome community would not be there with out every single one of you and we are grateful for this.

May we see you all at our Christmas Competiton and may you all have a Merry Christmas!

Chris & Eddie

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