Christmas WOD and Community Fundraiser


Hello Everyone,

Christmas is less than a month away… crazy, right?!  As most of you guys already know, we will be doing our Christmas WOD on Saturday December 17th at 9:30am.  Many of you also know that we take this festive WOD pretty seriously when it comes time to fun and Christmas cheer… we’re talking egg nog and burpees serious.  What you don’t know is that we are doing something a little different this year.

This year’s WOD is going to be a fun and friendly mini competition.  We will be evenly matching up teams of 4 and each team will be participating in 3 short workouts.  The 4 members from the winning team will all receive some awesome prizes (details to follow about that) and one lucky winner will win an even better door prize from a random draw just for showing up!

Entry fee you ask?  Not really.  We are doing a community fund raiser and pooling your donations to put towards getting some new and fun equipment for… you guys!  Kind of like a toy drive… but we are buying the toys for ourselves because we all deserve a little something extra this year for being so good.  Since we are in the giving spirit CrossFit Waterloo is donating $2500 to get things started to buy some of the ‘boring stuff’ we can use more of like more barbells, squat racks, plates, clamps, etc.

‘What are the fun toys’ you may be asking?  Well CFW is making a Christmas list of those for Santa, and once we pool all the donations we will give you guys a few options to vote on!  That’s right… anyone that donates will get a vote.  For example, if we raise $100 we may be able to get a community shared singlet… for $1,000 may be a bunch of GHD’s… if we raise $10,000 maybe a bunch of assault bikes, for $100,000 a moat around the building with actual row boats.  Sky’s the limit.

We will have a donation box at the gym later this week so you can either put in an anonymous cash donation or you can put the donation in cash or cheque form in a marked envelope.  Another option is to pass on the envelope to one of our coaches.

Details on the competition will come later this week and we hope you can all make it out to this epic event!

CrossFit Waterloo Team

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