OPEN Gym and the CrossFit Waterloo Community


Our new Functions Class members working hard in the first week. By week 3 we have doubled in size!

Hello Everyone,

CFW’s community is growing… and this brings us all a lot of excitement and opportunities.  As we are seeing some of our classes filling up regularly, we want to assure everyone that we are already looking for the right solutions to accommodate this growth.  That may lead to acquiring more space, or opening more class times, or offering more than one class at the same time.  Most likely, the final solution will be a combination of all those three options and more.  As we are currently putting the work and research into executing these options, we want everyone to know that there will be many new and exciting perks coming your way to reward and celebrate our growth.

Whatever solutions we put in place, just remember and be assured that our quality will always remain top priority at CrossFit Waterloo.  This means you will continue to have the world class coaching and the individual attention that you need and are used to as this is and always will be our main goal.

Having said that, you may notice we have added some Open Gym time on our schedule from 6-8am (and some other times of day as well).  As our 6am class is filling up from time to time, we encourage you to sign up for the Open Gym time if there’s no more room in the online sign up.  For now, we will be opening the Northfield Room to accommodate more people at that time in the Open Gym.  Chances are we will have a few no shows and will fill those spaces accordingly.  Either way, if you are in the open gym space you can follow along in the class for the warm up and prep, and then you can do the workout in the Northfield room.  This is a temporary solution and rest assured that we are putting the right things in place as we speak for long term solution for success.

Open gym can also be used for additional warm ups and stretches, or cool downs, or to practice, and if you are getting some extra work from our coaches including our competitive athletes.

We appreciate your patience and know that without all of you sharing your successes and positive experiences at CFW with your friends, peers, and families we would not be growing.  Please keep sharing and helping us change more and more lives!  As we do this, we will gain the resources to make CFW a better and more resourceful place for everyone.

If you have any thoughts, questions, concerns, or ideas do not hesitate to talk to us.  All of your feedback is much appreciated and is what shapes our community.


CrossFit Waterloo Team

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