The Travelling Yousif


Here’s a pic of former CFW member Yousif who just ended what appears to be a pretty epic road trip… see below for more of what he has to say about his experience with us at CFW!

***Pause one second with weight on floor each rep.  Lower weight down with full control every rep.***

15/12 Cal Row
30 Wallballs (20/14)
15/12 Cal Row
15 HSPUs

“Hey guys — Yousif here. I thought i’d check in and say hi! I just recently returned from my trip just a few weeks ago and i’m finally back in home base here in Ontario. I went on a west coast trip starting in Northern British Columbia, then went all the way down to California, and finally hit a few areas in central America. It was an incredible trip that was one that I will always remember. I added some pictures to the email to give you guys an idea of what i’ve been up to. With a twist and turn of events, i’ve actually moved back to London with my friend as we’re currently working on a project. I was looking forward to getting back into the flow of things with Crossfit Waterloo after my travels, but that’s unlikely now since I’m not back in Waterloo. I do plan on moving back during the summer and i’ll be making trips more frequently to Waterloo so i’ll hop in for sessions when I can. I did join a gym in Victoria when I was was stationed there for 2 weeks, and as of recently, I joined a gym in London too. From my experiences at both of these gyms — which I am enjoying  —  I did come to a realization that I had it really good  Waterloo with you guys — the facility, the intensity of the workouts, the members, and more importantly, you guys — the trainers. It’s really night and day. I hope all of you — Chris, Eddie, Jess, and the rest of the trainers are well and are keeping at it with the business, with all of the members in Waterloo crossfit, and are just killing it in general. Il keep on continuing on in my fitness journey here and I’m looking forward in reconnecting with the team when time permits. In the mean time, if no one in this gym gets on my ass if my ass isn’t going low enough for those squats , il make sure your voices in my head tell me to get lower hah 👍

All the best.”

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