Not Too Much Weight on That Complex!


E2MOM 10
3 x 1 Snatch Grip Back Press + 1 OHS w/3 sec pause at bottom of squat (and slow descent in squat).
Coaches Note: For this skill portion of the workout, the focus should be on proper positioning and engagement of the correct muscle groups.  Avoid arching your back on the press, and don’t rush the descent or the hold at the bottom of the squat because you have put too much weight on the bar.  

WOD (20 min TL)
4 Front Squat
50m Light Jog
50m Sprint
20 C2B Pull Up
rest approx 1 min
***Only 1 break is allowed in the Pullups.  For example if you do 10 pullups, take a short break and then do another 6, move back onto the squats even though that totals only 16.  Choose your pull up Mod accordingly.***

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