New Class Coming to CFW!


Hello CFW Community,

We have some exciting news to announce. We will be offering a new class at CFW called the Functions Class. I have a family member who is a little older and has never worked out a day in her life. On top of that she suffers from chronic hip pain and this seems to be getting worse as time goes on despite several treatments from health professionals. Our regular CF classes may be too difficult for her to start with, so this new class will be perfect for her to not only get her healthy again, but also to help resolve the hip issue, work on any other issues she may have, and finally prevent other issues from arising. This Functions class will be just like a regular class, but during the skill portion of the class we will focus on joint restoration, mobility, and muscle activation. Also, the “WOD” will be more scaled than a regular class and will avoid most of the complex movements.

Almost every time people come to try out CFW in our intro Elements classes, we help them identify and understand some common issues within their body. We aren’t just talking about “being out of shape” here. Often times there’s some range of motion restrictions, imbalances in their body structure, as well as some common movement mechanical errors. Many times these are not emergency issues when people first see us, however if they don’t work on this with our help, these common issues will become a much bigger problem that will put their health and functionality in a bad place down the road. Most of the time these are all within the “average person” spectrum, and we help correct these issues over time within our classes at CFW. However, sometimes these issues are a little more severe, and in these cases the person will need a little more attention before they can come to a regular class.

In the past several years we have taken on many of these cases with personal training. Some of the common ones have been people that were extremely out of shape or overweight or people who were a little older and haven’t exercised in decades or people with a very limited range of motion due to previous injuries. We have also helped many other cases from diabetics, heart conditions, arthritis sufferers, people recovering from broken bones/serious injuries and surgeries, chronic pain sufferers or lower back issues, and so much more. The purpose of this class will be to bridge the gap between our elements classes and our regular ones without having to pay hefty personal training costs… and of course help people with their health and fitness! Basically, if someone isn’t ready after the Elements classes to come to our regular ones, we will let them know and have them attend this Functions class to work towards getting to our regular classes one day.

CFW Community, WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are looking for people who feel like they are little too out of shape or have too many issues to come to CrossFit Waterloo as in the examples above. Please email us if you can think of anyone who may be interested, or even better, get them to email us for more details. This class will be starting in October and there’s still lots of space available!


Chris Vranes

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