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Hey Everyone,

As you guys know we wrapped up our lifestyle and nutrition challenge a little while ago. We had two groups this year.  One was focused on health and weight loss… and the other on fine tuning and performance. The fine tuning and performance group were all members who have been with us for quite some time and had quite a bit of history with dieting and meal prepping. This group needed more fine tuning to get their results to the next level. Here are some of their before/after pics and what they had to say about their new diets.

Carla Carla2


Starting Weight: 167.0 lbs Ending Weight: 155.4 lbs TOTAL LOSS:  11.6 lbs

 I am so glad I took part in the challenge. It had been a very long time since I watched what I was eating so closely. And I truly didn’t realize how bad my eating habits had actually become until making this change with the challenge. My portion sizes before were way out of control, and having to weigh and track everything you eat certainly makes you think twice before putting anything in your mouth.

Wish I could say I was perfect with my eating the entire challenge, but I wasn’t – there was definitely a little cheating here and there. But obviously all in all, my eating habits were much better the last 6 weeks, which lead to almost 12 lbs lost! I have been struggling to cut that weight for at least 5 years.  

I plan to adopt this macro counting into my daily routine, and also continue to eat more regularly throughout the day. It’s amazing how smaller portions, more frequently actually stops you from ever really feeling that hungry. I used to think my hunger pangs were a badge of honour for my food restriction for the day. But now I understand much better that really; that just leads to binging and making unhealthy food choices.

It’s true what you said, FOOD PREP IS KEY! During a busy day, when you can just grab your meal and heat it up and keep on going, it changes everything. Takes out the guess work of hmm, I’m really hungry but don’t have much time, I’ll just settle for an oven pizza, or can of soup, or mac n’ cheese or whatever. When it’s ready to go, and it’s healthy – everything about your day is better. You feel good for eating well, you have more energy, and you don’t feel bogged down and slow from ingesting some of the pure garbage I so often used to put into my body.

As a woman who has struggled with eating a lot of my life, whether it was restricting or binging, I’ve done it all. This nutrition challenge was a huge eye opener for me.

I feel more in control of my appetite and my cravings and food choices than I have in a long time, and therefore more in control of my weight as well.

 I have another 10 – 15 lbs I’d like to shed yet, but with the tools I’ve gained through taking part in this challenge I have full confidence that I will be able to attain my goals, in a healthy and sustainable way. 

 Thank you yet again Crossfit Waterloo for showing me yet another way to improve my health and well-being. I truly can’t thank you enough! Carla”

Heidi1 Heidi2

“Hey Chris!

I know I finished the nutrition challenge a few days early but I thought I would share my before and after pictures anyway because I’m super proud of them! 😉

I also had a body composition analysis done at the end of June and compared those results to a test I did 4 months ago. The results tell me that I lost 2kg of fat, gained .5kg of muscle and dropped my body fat percentage by 2.5%. Based on my weekly weigh-ins I lost around 4.5lbs.

I’m so excited about these results (especially all the definition I’m starting to see 😊) and everything I learned through the process!

Thanks for organizing this!



“Hi Chris, 

A couple things that I really got out of the challenge:

– Protein shake after WOD – What a difference! I used to go home and eat a huge meal after and feel gross. With the shake I eat less after and still feel great. This also helped with the portion control part and left room for my night time shake. 

– Adding more WODs (went from 2-3 to 4-5) to my week was HUGE, in just 6-7 weeks I have a noticed a big difference in my endurance and my strength, not to mention the recovery of my knee was pretty quick because I was working it more. 

Overall I am glad I did the challenge as I mentioned I am still sticking to it for the most part with some customization’s specific to me.  I needed that extra “push” to get me going more often and now my schedule works around CF not the other way around. :p

Thanks for helping with this, I think it’s a great challenge!


raffe before front raffe after front raffe before back raffe after back

Raffe K

Before starting CrossFit, I never really worked out or had experience with the basics involved with doing so. I played sports, which helped me stay active but eventually as the amount of time I spent playing sports went down I started looking for a new way to stay fit. I tried a bunch of stuff including jogging, biking, and even p90x, nothing really stuck and I never stayed on track for longer then a month or two. Then I decided to try CrossFit Waterloo because it was located right next to my work and I had heard good things about it. When I started the only exercise movements I had experience with were push-ups, sit- ups, pretty much just the bare basics. Chris and Eddie were both great they started off focusing on the basics and moving on from there to more complex movements, making sure my form was great before moving on or allowing me to add more weight. All the coach’s at CrossFit Waterloo are really helpful and are always happy to answer any questions I have. The workouts are great because all of them can be scaled to a level where it’s really challenging but not overwhelmingly hard. Also all the members that go to CrossFit are all great and really supportive and friendly.

I’ve been doing CrossFit now for about a year and I have dropped 35 lbs and gained a bit of muscle as well. I was able to lose all my weight I gained over my first year at university plus a bit more going 3-5 times a week. CrossFit by far has been the best way for me to stay active and lose weight while I’m busy, having less free time then ever, because of university and work.

I also recently tried CrossFit Waterloo’s fitness and diet challenge that was run by Chris. Chris set me up with a diet outline and a few instructions letting me create a diet best suited for me that still fit into to plan he set up. The pictures above are after six weeks of steady diet and exercise (let’s be honest I had 1 or 2 cheat meals J). I lost some weight, slimming down a bit and gained a little bit of muscle but overall after the six weeks I feel great with what I accomplished and feel energized to keep going.

I definitely recommend CrossFit Waterloo to anyone who wants lose weight, gain muscle, knows nothing about exercising or knows a lot because it’s challenging no matter your experience or lack of.

I would like to thank everyone at CrossFit Waterloo for being so friendly and helpful and helping me out for this past year.


…and here’s Norm’s testimonial from the Health and Weight Loss Group


“Hey dude

Went to the naturopath yesterday and got some pretty amazing numbers. I went June 2 and then a follow up July 7. In that time a lot changed:

Weight 198-193

Lean body mass. 81%-70%

Body fat. 29.9%-18.8%

I lost 18 pounds of fat and put on 13 pounds of lean body mass.

Thanks a lot for running it and looking forward to even bigger gains


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