United States Marine Corps Pfc. Anthony “TJ” Antell Jr., 35, of Arlington, Texas, died May 2, 2016, from a gunshot wound when he tried to disarm a gunman at a local Walgreens. Antell was the owner of CrossFit Abattoir. He is survived by his wife, Crystal; sons, Hayden and Liam; daughter, Rilee; and many other friends and family.

Here’s a little success story from one of our own brave Police Officers at CrossFit Waterloo…

“As a first responder, you need to depend on your body for a number of reasons, one of which I was forced to put to the test.  I was dispatched to a call to assist paramedics with a violent male who had potentially overdosed on drugs.  However, this was a far cry from what was actually happening.

Upon arrival with my partner, we found two full grown men wrestling with and struggling to hold down another.  These two men were completely gassed, losing, and desperate for help.  The male they were holding down had entered into a perceived state of excited delirium and had been assaulting people before we arrived.

I was forced to jump in and do what two men couldn’t.  Despite our pleads with the male to stop, to simply calm down, to let us help.  He was incoherent and kept on fighting, now trying to assault my partner and I.  We were able to position and hold him in such a way that we brought his violence to an end.  This allowed paramedics to safely come in and help restrain him, while other two men had enough time to catch their breath and provide the final bit of help needed to get him handcuffed.  Because of the six of us, we were able to get him under control and into the ambulance to expedite him to the hospital in order to essentially save his life.

Truthfully, I believe the only reason I was able to go toe to toe with him was because of the conditioning and pure strength I’ve been building through your gym.  Because of CrossFit Waterloo I not only matched his endurance, I was able to resist his immense strength to help him.  Had I have not started training at your gym, I don’t if I could’ve done this.  I just wanted to let you know that what you and your coaches are doing is working and I’m grateful for all the one on one focus you provide.  Without knowing it, you’ve helped more than just me.”


Every 90 sec for 9:00 (6 sets)
A) 1 Halt. Clean + 1 Full Clean
B) Hang Power Clean + Power Clean + 2 Front Squats

“TJ” (modified)

10 Bench Presses (185/135)
10 Strict Pull-Ups
Max Wall Balls (20/16)

Score is total number of WB’s

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