CrossFit Games 2016 comes to Town


Fresh from CrossFit Games 2016 California (Jadzia, Dan Bailey, Jayme)


The CrossFit Games 2016 are well under way already and the Canadians are looking strong as the games are about half way through. There are 3 Canadians in the top 10 currently (male/female).

Come out today for our 7 year Anniversary WOD!!! Wod… or wod’s to be announced today after 10:30am. For a hint of the Wod check out the CrossFit Games 2016  Wod events. The workout will be coming from the Games event this year!

We know it is summer and many of you have summer plans, but we hope to see the many faces left in town for this weekend!

Big thank you to all our members as today is only possible because of your support and loyalty. Time to have fun!

CrossFit Waterloo Team

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