Golf Tourny



We hope you all are watching and taking notes from the best golf movie ever! We have had a few email about the golf tourny and we like to remind you all to email us by the weekend to let us know if you wish to attend. Again the details are not final and we will finalize once we know the interest from the members. Check out last weeks blog for more details if needed. We hope to see you out on the greens enjoying a fun day of ball chasing, shotguns, and cart tag!


As well this Saturday is our 7 year Anniversary wod. Classes that day have been cancelled and the only time to get a wod will be starting at 10:30am. We will be doing one of the #cfg10 #crossfitgamess wods this year! I know you will miss Murph… but maybe we can do that come the end of summer or early fall!

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