CrossFit Waterloo’s Nutritional Challenge of 2016 Results Are HERE!

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Hey Everyone,

Here are the results of group A of the CFW Nutritional challenge!  We had two groups this year.  One was focused on health and weight loss… and the other on fine tuning and performance.  The chart below shows the change in weight, BF%, and some inch measurements we took on their bodies.  Here are the results of the Weight loss category… all done in 30 days…

Challenge 2016 Change In…
# NAME Weight (lbs) Wrist (inch) Waist (inch) Hips (inch) Fat (%)
Becky B 11.4  n/a 2.25 1.5 4.5
Robbie M 15.2  n/a 4 3 n/a
# Weight Wrist Waist Hips Fat %
Rob W 11.2 0 1.75 n/a 2
Benjamin O 11.8 0 2.75  n/a 4
Chris F 7.4 0 3  n/a 4
Norm 7.6 0 2.25  n/a 4
Kevin B 10 0 2.25  n/a 5

I know!  Mind blowing!  Every year we do this challenge the results still floor me.  In 30 days one couple (Becky and Kevin) shed a combined 9.5% of Body Fat!  Robbie had told me before the challenge that her current diet was pretty good and she works her butt off in the gym (and feels great with noticeable physical results) but didn’t feel her fat was being burned well enough to reflect how good she was feeling… well I hope 7 inches lost from her hips and waist solves that feeling!  Rob W has been coming to CFW for years now, and a few tweaks (or maybe more than a few) to the diet equaled a 2% change of BF in one month… pretty darn impressive for someone who’s been here for a long time!  The rest of the guys are fairly new-ish to CFW… and their results are incredible with an average of over 4% fat loss and over 2.5″ lost around the waist.  Chris F has been working out and dieting pretty darn hard for several years now and having some issues with his hip that were not going away despite several treatments and rehab attempts.  A few months of CFW combined with this Nutritional Challenge and his hard work and results speak for themselves…. and the hip’s doing better than ever!

It’s amazing what a few months of eating, training, and resting/recovering properly can do for the body.  We prove this every year with actual results on actual people.  The stories above are exactly why we love what we do as a team at CFW.  All of the people in this challenge have so many amazing stories like the ones above and are truly inspiring to me, and I hope they can inspire you and your loved ones to get moving properly, eating properly, and resting/finding balance properly.

Stay tuned for more results and testomonials from this group and the performance group.

Chris Vranes


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