7 Year and Inaugural CFW Invitational!

Congratulations-Golf-Balls-lWell if you have not yet read the board… get back to your routine and get into the gym for your workouts! As some of you may have read on the whiteboard; we are having our 7 year anniversary on Saturday July 23rd. We will still run a 8:30 & 9:30am class that day and the celebratory WOD will be around 11am. Some of you may remember from the past that we normally count our years by doing “Murph”, but this year we will change it up a bit. We will be running a 2016 CrossFit Games WOD that we will announce that day! This does mean that depending on the WOD (we will know better once they are all released) we will run Heats/groups to get through the WOD (rx or scaled). We will plan the best we can prior but as the WOD’s are yet to be announced some planning may come last minute and we may be delayed in the heats. If you plan on attending but need to get out early; let us know to put you in one of the early heats. After all the heats are done we will have some drinks and snacks to enjoy and allow to meet other members from different classes. If you wish to bring a snack or treat feel free to do so. We hope to see many of you that day and come share your progress and feedback to us and others that you may not now yet. Chris and I appreciate you all and would not be here without the strong community that we have!

On another note some of you morning/earlier day people may not know Chris P. He has volunteered to organized a friendly Golf Tournament for us this year. We are looking to get some feelers and see who would be interested, so let us know what you think and email us or talk to Coach Chris or myself (Eddie).


“CFW is planning a golf tournament. Open to golfers of all skill levels, including those whose version of “golfing” is drinking and riding in the cart. Tournament would be run as a four person scramble. Come with a group of four or as a single and you’ll get matched up with someone equally as awesome (unless you’re Yash, he’ll have to play by himself).

I need a rough idea of numbers before approaching a golf course. I’ll try to keep the price as reasonable as possible but just for a reference I’d budget $75 – $100 for golf, cart, and dinner!

I’ll keep the course in the K-W area. Looking to stay away from busy summer vacation schedules,possible date at the middle to end of September.

Please let me know if this is something you’re interested in. Please reply for July 22nd at the latest. Reply to info@crossfitwaterloo.com with your name or team members.


Chris P”



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