Congrats Sarah and Thom!


Here is our baby girl, Lyla Green. Born May 20th at home after 20 hours of active labour and 2 intense hours of pushing since she was in a posterior occiput position. Luckily I had trained for this before and during my entire pregnancy (my last workout was a day before I went into labour) and am so grateful for it. The midwives, Thom and I all agreed that the likelihood of me having to get an epidural and C-section would have been much greater if I wasn’t in the physical shape that I was in. I am forever grateful to the awesome coaches at Crossfit Waterloo for helping me train and strengthen my core to get me ready for the hardest WOD of my life. Best advice I have for all ladies who are pregnant or want to get pregnant is to continue to train every aspect of your body (including your abdominals/core) and just listen to your body while your doing it. It will tell you when it has had enough.  – Sarah

A) 2 Power Snatches + 2 Snatch Balance
B)  2 Hi or Hang P. Snatch + 2 OHS

WOD (20 Min TL)
10 – 1
Dead Lift (1.5 x BW)
Med Ball Strict Pull Up

This WOD is for time but do not rush through it.  If scaling pick a difficult weight for the Deads, and a challenging modification for your pull ups that will need to be broken up. 


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