Water Soloution…. for now


Ideally we would know how to turn water into wine. However I think that is still out of our hands, but we will be implementing a temporary water solution. I’m sure you all are aware of the water situation at the gym. We have not rushed to fix this as there are some changes that may be coming and we are planning for these changes before we decide the final solution for the water issue. As it gets “HOT in Hur”  we will be bringing in water bottles. We will be eventually removing the water cooler, but to provide water for those that forget it we will stock up some water bottles in the fridge. All we ask from you is to toss a quarter or spare change when you can. As well please recycle your bottles properly and do not toss them into the garbage! This also means do not leave your bottles laying around the gym after your workout. We know sometimes after workouts you may forget but make it a habit to double check if you are not forgetting your stuff. We will put the water into the mini fridge that is by the counter and as you take a bottle please put another one in to always have cold ones in the fridge. The karma bucket will be on top of the microwave where you can toss some change.

Thank you all for your patiences. Drink responsible and recycle,


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