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Hello CFW Community,

It’s an exciting time of year at CFW with the weather warming up, the Bay doors open wide, and finally some running included in our weekly programming… because everyone loves running. Just an update here on some schedule changes that will be taking place starting in June.

    • We added the 3:30pm class on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. In the last while we saw our 4:30pm class filling up quite often so we added the 3:30pm back on Monday’s first, and then Tuesday’s as well. Since we noticed this change helped a lot with evening out the class sizes, we decided to make that a change for every week day starting in June!
  • Our morning classes will also see some changes coming in June based on your feedback and attendance trends. We will be removing the 9:30 and 11:30 class on Thursday mornings. With attendance consistently lower on Thursday’s in general, we will be removing these classes. However we will be adding the 3:30pm class on Thursday so if you missed one of the morning ones there’s still extra options.


  • Since we don’t have a 9:30am option on Wednesday’s as of now, we will be adding a 10:30am class instead. This time slot is kind of a trial class as we have never offered up this time slot before. We would like to see if going forward it works well with the 9:30am crowd as logistically it would make more sense for us to offer this class regularly on all week days. Please talk to us about this potential change as we need your feedback to figure out if it works or not.
  • We are adding a 6:30pm class on Friday nights to help with traffic since the 5:30pm class has been gaining momentum. Plus what else is there to do on a Friday night?

Remember that if we notice any issues going forward with classes over booking consistently we will make adjustments to accommodate as we already have more exciting solutions in place for this. We are thrilled to see the CFW community slowly growing thanks to all of your results and help with your word of mouth. Let’s all keep it going and encourage our neighbors to become better and healthier versions of themselves at CFW. With our community growth comes more perks and options for all of you that could be right around the corner!

Here are some notes about our online scheduler, and processes. These notes have been posted before but in case you missed them here they are again.

Some of you have noticed that you can only sign up for one class per day now. We were having issues with people signing up for 2 and even 3 classes per day and filling up spaces that they weren’t using. If you sign up for a class and something comes up where you can’t make it, we get that it happens once in a while. Just come to another time and ask the coach if there’s space and we will remove you from the class you missed and put you in the current one you like. You can now see how busy a class is on our online scheduler. We did this with the hope that we will balance the class sizes a little bit more. For example if you can come to the 6:30 or 7:30 class, now you can choose the less busy one. With this change in effect, please avoid getting into a routine of just showing up for classes that have less people in them. If this happens once in a while that’s no problem at all but we still prefer you guys signing up on time on your own so the coaches can plan accordingly. Our coaches want to focus all of their energy on teaching to make your class experience the best it can be as opposed to adding/removing people from our scheduler or dealing with the potential issue of more than a few people who just showed up and over filled a class. Some of you guys have been inquiring about the Waitlist. If a class is full and you are on the waitlist, just come on in for that class and we will almost always get you in whether it’s with a partner or a slightly modified workout. Usually we have one or two late cancellations and it isn’t an issue. If you can come to another class however that may be easiest.

Thanks for all of your continual feedback with our schedule and all other areas of our club. Keep it coming as we are always looking for ways to make CFW a better place!


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