Kill Cliff Granite Games

If you enjoyed competing in the Crossfit Opens this year and are looking to improve your training, the Kill Cliff Granite Games is another competition coming up soon that will be similarly structured to the Opens. The Granite Games features a workout every week for 4 weeks. A workout will be announced every Thursday at 7:00 PM and you will have until the following Monday to submit your score. The Qualifiers start June 9th (First qualifier workout announced) and ends on July 4th (Final qualifier workout submission deadline).

Why sign up?
-Compete with friends and family!
-Awesome workouts!
-Improve your training!
-Build the community spirit!
-Range of divisions (AsRx,Masters,Teen,Scaled)!
-Weekly and individual prizes!
Hundreds of individual prizes are given out from the Granite Games during the qualifiers at random! All that’s required is that you sign up and you’ll have a chance to win awesome prizes! To be eligible for weekly prizes we require at least 25 athletes be registered under the community team (CFW).
2016 Prize Lineup:
9 Compex Units, 50 2POOD Custom Kill Cliff Granite Games lifting belts, 5 Rogue Fitness Gift Cards valued at $1,000, 5 Concept2 Rowers or Ski Ergs, 50 Strength Wrap Wrist Wraps, 5 Assault AirBikes,
100 JumpNRope Ropes, GRAND PRIZE $10,000 Rogue Fitness Gift Card

Qualifying Divisions:
• The Individual (AsRx): Top 50 Men/Women
• The Teen Division (ages 14-18): Top 15 Boys/Girls
• The Masters 35+ Division: Top 15 Men/Women
• The Masters 40+ Division: Top 15 Men/Women
• The Masters 45+ Division: Top 15 Men/Women
• The Masters 50+ Division: Top 15 Men/Women
• The Masters 55+ Division: Top 15 Men/Women
• Community Team Division: Co-ed team of 2 women and 2 men: Top 60 teams
• Team of 3 ASRX Division- Same gender: Top 60 Men and Top 30 Women
• Team of 3 Intermediate Division-3 athletes of the same gender: Top 60 Men/Women
• Team of 3 Scaled Division-3 athletes of the same gender: Top 30 Men/Women

*Athlete age qualification will be based on age at 11:59pm 9/1/16
*Top 2 Male and 2 Female AsRx scores will count towards the community score every week
*If you or a team qualify you will be invited to the Kill Cliff Granite Games in Minnesota!

When/Where/How do I compete?
Every week you will be assigned a workout and you will have from the date of release (Thursday 7:00 PM) until the submission deadline (Monday 7:00 PM) to complete the workout and submit your score. Just like the Opens, you can complete the workout as many times as you like before the deadline to get the best score.

You can complete the workout anywhere you choose as long you have the correct equipment and understand movement standards. Judging is not mandatory but it is highly recommended to ensure proper movement standards are achieved.

The Saturday 10:30 AM Competitor Class is the optimal time for you to come out and complete the weekly workout. Saturdays class starts off with 2 Olympic lifts (Snatch, Clean & Jerk), then at 11:30 AM we will start the first heat, and heat 2 will judge the first heat. The benefits of coming out to the competitor class is that you will have an opportunity to improve your Olympic lifts and also have other competitors help cheer you on as you complete the workout.

Note: Saturday 10:30 AM classes are purely open gym, so you are welcome to come in to do just the workout instead of waiting until 11:30 AM. If you cannot make these times, please let one of our coaches know and we can arrange a time for you to complete the workout of the week.

“Judges are not mandated during the Online Qualifier, however if your overall scores places you in the top 100 males / females, you will be asked to submit a video of one of your qualify workouts to verify the score. The Granite Games highly recommends athletes have a coach or judge validate their score prior to submission to ensure that movement standards for that event are upheld and if an athlete feels they may make the Top 100 athletes to video all of their workouts in preparation for having to submit one for validation.” -2016 Kill Cliff Granite Games Rule Book

Register here:
Follow the link to register for the Kill Cliff Granite Games. In the application be sure to select “CFW”, as the community team name. From here you will choose your level either as Rx, Scaled, Masters or Teen. Scores from Rx athletes will go towards the community team, and scores from scaled athletes will go towards the scaled team of 3.

To wrap up…
The online qualifiers start June 9th, so it’s highly recommended you sign up before the first released workout. Other than that, be sure to register to help build up the CFW’s competitive community. Not only you’ll be doing awesome workouts but you will also be improving your own training by understanding your limitations and what you will need to work on for your training in the future!


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