Nutrition Challenge is Finally Upon Us… in a few weeks


Hey Y’all,

As per last week’s blog, we will be doing a Nutrition and Lifestyle challenge starting on Monday May 30th. There will be two categories this year to suit our differing clientele.

The first group winner will be determined by the most weight/inches/body fat lost, and the second group’s champion will be decided by the best before/after pic results. Here’s a few more details on the two groups:

Group A (Health Focused)

  • Designed for people who’s main objective is shedding pounds and just getting healthy
  • 5 Week duration
  • You will be weighed and measured before and after the challenge
  • More focus on quality of food (paleo style), sleep, and exercise (CFW 3-4x Week)
  • Great for people with little dieting/nutrition experience
  • Perfect for people who love shopping… because you will need a new summer wardrobe

Group B (Performance)

  • Designed for people who are already in above average shape, and are more concerned with fine tuning and dropping those stubborn fat areas than they are with their scale weight
  • 6 Week duration
  • Will be required to take a before and an after pic, but not required to post or show anyone if you don’t want to. This is purely for yourself, and if you like the results and want to be in prize contention, then you can decide to show it off to just me or the CFW community
  • Great for people who have dieting experience, workout 5 times a week regularly
  • This group will have tighter guidelines and will require a bit more detail to fine tune
  • For this group I recommend hitting the tanning salon week 3’ish, cause you’ll wanna base tan the heck out of them abs before you hit the beach in July


There will be a seminar on Saturday May 28th around noon to go over the rules of the challenge in much more detail. I will not be explaining the science behind why this all works in great detail at that time. The purpose of the seminar will be to clearly explain the guidelines that I want you guys to follow. Essentially to explain the “How’s” and not the “Why’s”. I will also be weighing and measuring you guys at this time and will have some time for Q&A in case something is unclear to you.

The Fee for the challenge is $85 taxes included and there will be prizes for the top finishers in each category. If you guys have any questions, or want some advice about doing the challenge, or what group you should join, or anything challenge related please don’t hesitate to ask me when you see me at the gym, or you can email me at the address below (I know some of you guys think I sit in front of my computer all day waiting for emails with questions to answer… but unfortunately that’s not the case. Give me at least a 24 hour window or so to respond. Thanks in advance for your patience).

To sign up for the challenge, email me at by May 26th and let me know you are in. If you paid the entry and emailed me by the 26th, you will get an email from me with the package included for the seminar.

Coach Chris

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