NFT = buNs oF sTeel


5 rounds
A) 1 Hi Hang Power Snatch + 1 Low Hang Power Snatch + 2 Snatch Balance
B) 1 Muscle Snatch + 1 Hi Hang Power Snatch + 2 OHS

NFT (25 mins)
5 Rounds
5 Dead Lift
30/25 cal Row (for time)
Today’s WOD is not for time, so rest as necessary between exercises.  Dead Lifts are not touch and go and you are to rest a second at the bottom of each rep and control the bar down.  Hands must stay on bar for the 5 reps. Use same weight as 2 weeks ago or add up to 5% per set.  For the Row keep your efforts high and record your times for each set.

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