Spring / Summer Programming Notes


Good Day CFW Community!

Below you will find the programming notes for the daily workouts that we have already started last week. We will be giving all of you an idea of what specific skills we will be working on in the next few months. We want all of you to understand the purpose of the day’s programming to help you mentally prepare yourself before you even get to our gym. We also hope it will help you set your goals for the current skill/strength cycle to kick off the year.

For example:  If we’re working on pull ups on Wednesdays and you still cannot do one, it would be a great goal to come to this day consistently  (no matter what that days excuse may be… and believe me we have heard them all).  Once you commit to this process, you will be ready to focus all of your energy on the pull ups that day.  By doing that, you will build on your personal progression from the previous week (maybe reduce the band thickness you are scaling with, or even better move to a higher bar on your jumping pull ups) and eventually be able to do an unassisted Pull Up!

So about those programming notes…

First Strength, then Skill, and finally Cardio: With the 2016 CrossFit Opens finishing off last month, we will focus a little more on Strength and Skill development in the next 12 weeks. We will still have lots of cardio portions to end most days (especially with some running on the horizon), but you may notice the Strength days ramp up a little bit. For example we will be adding another Squat day to the week, meaning we will be squatting twice instead of once a week to start the WOD. Since we consider this the beginning of the season, we will build skills starting with the basics. For example we will start working with OHS mechanics and Muscle snatches for a while instead of any other full snatch progression. This is good for people who are still new to the program to start with the most basic progressions and build a solid foundation. This is also the perfect time for you CFW veterans to pay closer attention to the stuff you are already comfortable with. You will fine tune the small technique adjustments and movement mechanics and reassess your basic positions. This will further solidify your foundation and help you build a better platform for movement mastery.

Weighted Back Squat Tuesdays… and Front Squat Fridays: We hope all of you understand the importance of squat day by now. If you want to build strength, lose fat, and generally win at life, you cannot avoid these days. On top of doing some form of squatting almost every day in our WOD’s… we will be squatting in our Skill/Strength portion of our classes twice a week now with the goal of making you all winners. Tuesday WOD’s will be a good mix of Cardio and Gymnastics as we will be honing your HSPU skills and getting that heart rate up for a good sweat. Friday will be all about shifting gears as we go from the lower body strength in the skill portion of the day, to the upper body strength in the WOD.

Press Mondays: We will be working on a variety of upper body strength building presses during the skill/strength portion of the workout. If you find your upper body movements (push ups, pull ups, dips, etc.) aren’t quite cutting it then make sure to improve on these skills with this class. The WOD to finish off the class will be a little lengthier this day and will focus on some cardio to get the heart rate up on a Monday and start the week right!

OLY SKILL Wednesdays and Thursdays: Wednesdays and Thursdays will be structured similarly. The main difference between the two days is that on Wednesdays we will be working on some Snatch progressions and Thursdays we will be working on some Clean progressions in the Skill portion of the day. The WOD on a Wednesday will be mostly posterior strength biased (tight buns coming your way) as we will be working on our dead lifts. The Thursday WOD will be a little longer in length or we will do some double WOD days and include the clean progression in it. Thursday will be great if you are looking to improve your Clean technique and Wednesday is a must if you are struggling in your Over Head position and are looking to improve.

Sweaty Weekends at CFW: On a Saturday with Drill Sargent Nik, you can expect to sweat.  The day will start with some kipping practice… so for those that struggle with K2E, T2B, or Pull Ups it will be a great day to work on it. A good vibe day at the box that could involve a long challenging WOD with a Partner, a Team Builder WOD, or all the above rolled into one!  It’s a great combination of hard work and fun that will surely help you go into the weekend and enjoy that adult beverage you earned! Sunday Funday’s will be designed to improve your Ring Dip technique in the skill portion of the day and then you can expect a fun and sweaty WOD to end the session.

Competitors Yash-Class Saturday’s at 1o:30: The atmosphere in this class is one of its best features and this class is a very easy way to find motivation! This class will be 90 minutes long at most with the first heat starting exactly at 11:30. In this class you will get some extra skills to work on for the first hour, and after that you will do a work out in a group environment.  There will be a few options for skills available for you, and together with the coaches you can determine which ones you should do on a weekly basis to meet your goals.  The workouts will vary in style and some weeks we will partner up and do the WOD’s in heats, where your partner can count your reps and hold you accountable to the actual movement standards CrossFit holds. This class is open to anyone that wants to take their results a step further and is already attending at least 4-5 classes per week on average at CFW. Hopefully with doing this class, you’ll gain the motivation to take part in the 2017 CF Open, which is now accessible to ALL skill levels!  All you have to do is SIGN UP for the Open Gym class on our schedule at that time.  If you are on the fence, talk to your CFW coaches and see if it’s right for you.

Overall Notes: Remember our program is designed to be random to keep your body guessing. Just because it is random, doesn’t mean we can’t routinely plan some aspects to specifically improve on certain skills with a structured process. If your schedule isn’t very consistent and you come to different day’s every week, that is totally fine and you will still get the same results as always have with our program. Either way, you should all TRACK RESULTS, WORKOUTS, and YOUR NUMBERS in a journal if you want to maximize the time you spend at the gym.

Coach Chris


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